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Halloween Costume Jackets for Your Green Arrow, Negan, Star Lord Costumes and More! - FanFest News (press release)

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic to the first seasons of Arrow , then this jacket is just what you need. This Green Arrow jacket will keep you warm and safe trick-or-treating. No one will go up against Oliver Queen! Fan Jackets sells this jacket for $139, and you can find it on Amazon in sizes XS – XXXL. You will not fail this Halloween!

2. Negan Jacket

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5 Best Dog Life Jackets: Your Buyer's Guide (2018) -

Spring and summer are right around the corner and that means visits to lakes, rivers, and the ocean for swimming or boating. If you’re an avid boater or paddler, you probably already have a life jacket for yourself and your kids. You might even have an extra for guests. Even at that, you might not have considered having one for the family dog.

Despite the fact that dogs are usually relatively strong swimmers, in any sufficiently deep body of water, it’s a risk you shouldn’t take. Dogs can sometimes get excited and leap off the side of a boat into the water. Life jackets are especially good for smaller dogs who might not be able swim back to shore.

With water weather fast approaching, consider our picks for the top five best dog life jackets to keep your pooch safe while boating:

What are the best dog life jackets?

  • Guardian Gear Aquatic Dog Preserver |

    This model is a fairly straight-forward example that is an excellent starter choice. It features quick-lock clips around the belly, high-visibility material including reflective strips, a handle, and a leash attachment hook. It’s available in nine sizes from teacup to XXL and in both pink and orange.

    Buy the Guardian Gear Aquatic Dog Preserver here.

    2. EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device – $42 to $62

    This jacket is a higher performance model. It features the front float to keep your dog’s head above the water while they swim. The neoprene straps will comfortably provide support should you need to use the handle to life your dog out of the water. The design details are reflective, so your pup will be safe in low-light situations. It’s available in five sizes from extra small to extra large in three colors: red, yellow, and green camouflage.

    Buy the EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device here.

    3. Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket – $12.99 to $29.99

    Available in five different colors, this jacket is cheaper than the last, but still offers a full compliment of features. The front float on this one is a flap that goes under your dog’s head to ensure it doesn’t sink below the water. Reviewers remarked on the high quality of the workmanship. It’s available in five sizes from extra small to extra large.

    The available colors are blue, yellow, pink, camo blue, camo pink, extra reflective green, extra reflective orange, and extra reflective yellow.

    Buy the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket here.

    4. Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop Dog Life Jacket – $12 to $27.98

    As of this writing, the small size of this life jacket was selling for an extreme deal. Even the medium size was below $20. For that price, you get a fully-featured dog life vest with yet another style of front float. It also uses bright colors and reflective details to increase visibility. The neoprene belly strap is adjustable.

    Buy the Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop Dog Life Jacket here.

    5. Paws Aboard Red Neoprene Life Jacket – $19.99 to $35.50


Five Questions About Pete Doherty Aggressively Eating a Large Breakfast - VICE

This article originally appeared on VICE UK .

In his time, Pete Doherty has been everything: cherub-faced poet, cigs-and-a-paperback grave digger, the human embodiment of a stick-and-poke tattoo, and the near audible smell of a pub. In 2002, Pete Doherty wore a guards jacket so obnoxiously it single-handedly ruined Camden forever. From 2005 to 2007, he dated Kate actual Moss. Peer backward at Pete Doherty and see a spinal-point from every year since the turn of the millennium with his greasy handprint over it—the revival of garage rock, pre-smoking band gigs above pubs, the entire Inbetweeners soundtrack, then the descent: The idea that London doesn't party like it used to, rock stars selling dirty ashtrays on the Camden Market, the concept of two eyes looking in different directions taken to its natural conclusion.

Selected excerpts from the KentLive story —which I really would suggest you read in full if you are a fan of artistry or art (the subhead, "He Smashed It," deserves to be hung in the Louvre)—are below.

The Libertines frontman Pete Doherty surprised passersby in Cliftonville when he wolfed down a big breakfast challenge this morning (August 21).

The challenge consists of four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four sausages, hash browns, onion rings, bubble and squeak, beans, two slices of thick break well as a quarter pounder burger and chips.

'He smashed it'

Mark Ezekiel, cafe owner, said: "The challenge has been going since 2004, and 15 or 16 people have managed to complete it in total.

"Only five or six have managed to complete it in 20 minutes.

“He really surprised us that he managed it. He might be slim, but he is very tall. He’s 6ft 3.”

Anyway: I, like the people of Cliftonville, am surprised by this. I, like the people of Cliftonville, and you, have some questions about this. Here are my questions:

Which is more of a cry for help: this breakfast or the drink he washed it down with?

A brief overview of that breakfast again: sausages (x4), bacon (x4), eggs (x4), beans (unknown quantity but I'm guessing a minimum of one can), hash browns (quantity unknown but multiple), onion rings, bubble and squeak [cakes made of potatoes and cabbage], specifically thick bread (x2), burger (x1), fries. That's an amount of food you eat when you're saying: I'm going through a little something. That's a quantity of food that says: I don't particularly care for my comfort for the rest of this day and a vast quantity of tomorrow. It says: I do not care if I live or die. But the drink, the Yazoo. That brilliant red Yazoo. For some reason… for some reason, that fucking Yazoo. It's just lurking in the background. Balancing there, half empty. A simply incredible quantity of breakfast… and a strawberry Yazoo . That, out of this whole thing, is what tips this over the edge. The strawberry Yazoo is what makes it legendary.

What meta-level of gentrification is this?

The Breakfast Incident went down in Margate, which gentrification watchers will know is now a locus for the cool London-living exodus. More than Berlin, people are moving there after being priced out of Hackney and Greenwich because it's by the sea and it has that dreamland place and enough young people live there now for there to be minimum one cool bookshop, some coffee places, and a few decent spots to do Instagram in. "It's only two hours to Victoria!" people say, cheerfully. "My old commute was an hour anyway! And we've got a spare room!"

I'm wondering what Pete Doherty eating a breakfast will do for the town. Doherty's Camden years perfectly aligned with the last time the area was considered high, dark, or cool: Him being spotted like a lost ghost around various east London haunts coincided with the area's ascent. Now it's rumored that he is living in Margate, and confirmed that he is...


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