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Top 10 Best Value Seats & Cushions for Canoes & Rowboats - Heavy.com

Every boat needs comfortable seating. Whether you’re out fishing for the day or just going out for a pleasant paddle, it’s no fun if your backside is sore! A nice quality cushion or boat seat is absolutely necessary for enjoying your time on the water.

There’s all sorts of options for small water craft seating available. You can opt for a simple cushion that’s easily transferred to and from your boat, or you can always install something a bit more permanent. Whatever you decide is best for your boat, there’s no need to spend a ton of money. We’ve tracked down the best value boat seats and cushions for small craft like canoes and rowboats that will keep you comfortable all day long.

There’s a few different style options included here on this list so you can really consider what’s best for your water craft:

Seats one through four are highly portable, removable seating options that work great for both canoes and rowboats where there is bench seating. This style of seating is a sort of hybrid between a simple seat cushion and a higher quality folding seat that requires installation. This type of option provides you with a bit of back support and enables you to lean backwards which is a nice upgrade from your standard boat cushion. It keeps your bottom padded and allows you to sit with better posture than seating that doesn’t offer any kind of back rest.

Seats five through seven are included here for the pleasure boater or fishermen that really wants to equip their boat with some comfortable seating. These folding, upholstered boat seats are a lot more solidly built than the hybrid type of seating and can be leaned back in all you want without consequence. These units are meant to be installed onto your boat using simple hardware, but depending on the style of boat you have you very well might be able to utilize seating like this without bothering with a permanent installation. Although not necessary, going through the process of installing a boat seat like this can be really rewarding. Particularly for fishing use it’s AWESOME to have a mounted seat of this style that allows you to swivel and puts you a bit higher on the water. This type of boat seat will not be compatible with many canoes and is more geared towards rowboats and jon boats. I’ve owned a folding seat by Wise for years for use on the bow of my 10 foot jon boat and have never bothered installing it — it leans against the front railing of my boat and stays secure. It’s all about personal preference!

Options eight and nine on this list are standard boat/canoe cushions. They’re inexpensive and easily transferable between water craft (or anywhere really). This is a bare bones style option for your boat — but we’ve found two of the best value options that won’t disappoint you if you don’t mind the lack of a back rest.

The final seat option listed here is a sort of unique posture support device that might be the perfect fit for you depending on both the state of your spine and boat design. It will only really fit on wider bench seating and likely is not suitable for rougher waters, but none the less is an interesting and potentially game changing option!

No matter your boat, your back side or your back we’ve got you covered with a seating option that will no doubt enhance your experience on the water. Quit suffering through what’s supposed to be a pleasant outing and treat yourself to days boating that don’t end with your comfortability.

1. GCI Outdoor SitBacker Adjustable Canoe Seat with Back Support

I’m a big fan of this seat from GCI Outdoors for its lightweight, portability and surprising level of comfort. This is a great unit to equip to your canoe or rowboat and also for switching between water craft. It’s only 11 by 16 by 18 inches and just three pounds yet it provides the posture support and cushion of a much more robust seat. The “install” takes just moments using the...

Source: heavy.com

A Trip to Yesteryear in a 1984 Nissan B720 - PickupTrucks.com

For all that you pan this thing, it was a very popular small truck; it served the purpose for light duty better than full sizers simply because they were easy to load and economical to drive. The Nissan/Datsun, Mazda, Isuzu and Mitsubishi trucks offered inexpensive convenience, which is what made them so popular. If it would fit in the bed, people would carry it, even if it was a little slow. But then, back then everything was 'a little slow' so its 'weak' engine really wasn't all that weak.

Papajim mentions "smell the pizza" but honestly these weren't pizza delivery trucks unless, maybe, they had a cap over the bed. On the other hand, pickup and delivery of home electronics, washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances was very common with these little trucks--again because they were so easy to load and unload. And their payload was good enough to carry engines for rebuilds and other small but moderately heavy loads of 500-800 pounds. Trying to do the same in modern mid-sized or full-sized trucks practically requires a crane to lift the load high enough to even get it into the bed; or a fork lift.

Don't forget: Ford has teased a true compact pickup truck to come out somewhere around 2022-2025. I think some, here, will be surprised by how quickly they sell if Ford actually follows through with that.

I bought a brand new 1974 Datsun pickup, it cost $2,085 with the optional AM radio and steel rear bumper. It had a 1.7ltr motor putting out , I think, 96hp. Raised it up a couple inches, put larger tires on it and drove it for 75,000 miles with nary a problem, I used it to tow my VW-sandrail and my fishing boat, plus all my duck-n-goose decoys and a few deer.

Every now and then I look on the web to see if any are for sale. I did see a cherry 1978 Taco the other day driving down the road...

all these trucks were was stamped really thin steel bodies with a drive train, no frills...

@Vulpine--Agree. I miss the compactness of my 85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max with its 4 speed manual and 8 foot bed. Very easy to reach into the bed or even to climb in the bed. Very inexpensive and functional. I put 200k miles on the Max which I had for over 14 years. Anyone could afford to buy a new Japanese compact truck and many bought them as 2nd or 3rd family vehicles to use as the weekend warrior for Home Depot runs, to dispose of unwanted things, and to pick up appliances, furniture, mulch, top soil, and 2 by 4s. You still can get a decently equipped base midsize truck but you have to do some internet research. Manufacturers would not be allowed to manufacturer these compact pickups of the past because of safety and pollution standards. Also the profit margin is very slim on these.

I do think there are enough unibody front wheel drive crossovers on the market that a manufacturer could adapt to be compact pickups. It remains to be seen if the manufacturers decide to make a compact pickup.

Usually on these small trucks the air conditioning was a dealer add on until the late 80's early 90's. My Mighty Max had an add on Mitsubishi air conditioning and a sliding rear window. I had the rear bumper, bed liner, stereo tape deck, mud flaps, and side tie downs added (got those from J C Whitney and put those on my self). The air in my Max did just fine. I more than got my money's worth out of the truck with all the hauling I did with it.

There does exist a market for open bed payload capabilities, without all the baggage that comes with a modern truck. Mfrs and marketing have drilled it into us that we need mid-size trucks that tow 7000lbs, even though most mid-size trucks are limited to 3500lbs unless specially equipped.

Give us a compact truck with open-bed payload capabilities, towing be dam ed. Those who want to tow can live with one of the available trucks. Still waiting for the Santa Cruz....Hyundai seems to be taking longer than Ford when bringing a small truck...

Source: news.pickuptrucks.com

2019 BMW X7: As Big As A Cadillac Escalade, As Luxurious As A Rolls Royce - Carscoops

Although the rear looks a bit bland, I do quite like this. I believe the front looks proper, the sides and proportions are strong (it’s just the rear that looks, or at least seems, unfinished)
The interior is the nicest I’ve seen of any BMW SUV so far to date (and I am happy to see a nice amount of wood within the cabin as most “other” (we know who I’m talking about, but not just limited to them,) have been moving to gloss black plastics. Lastly my hat truly goes off to the amount of effort put into the 3rd row, as automakers tend to forget about it and “cheap out”, but it seems as though it’s received as much care and attention at the prior 2.

It has it’s flaws, but considering it could be worse,. I am pleasantly surprised… and to be honest… (a little,) I kind of like it.

Holy sinister kidney grille Batman…

..somehow though, it works here. The side looks decent (if a bit generic) but well-proportioned, and the rear could use some work. They could’ve at least taken notes from the rear of the new X5 if not completely ripping it off. (for instance, where the X7 logo is placed seems a bit wrong). The interior however is one of the best I’ve seen from BMW yet.

So far, decent thoughts overall. Hopefully my initial expectations will exceed beyond sometime soon. And not just in the styling department.

I don’t like the front end. It just makes me think of an old man with large nostrils squinting at you.

But that interior is something noteworthy, especially in the second and third rows. I think this will finally elevate the new standard when it comes to how you treat second and third row passengers in a large SUV. And the good news is that others will try to replicate it. Normally when it comes to the third row it’s like a penalty box, but BMW gives them proper amenities back there. Good job.

I like it, I wasn’t anticipating doing so but I do. the only thing i could criticize is that it has the exact same first row interior design of the X5… it looks great and i bet it will feel great too but they could have given it something a little more bespoke… but apart from that its pretty good, they will sell TONS of this thing. and an iPerformance version would be cool too.

You’re right, they don’t look totally identical. But if you were to sketch an X5 on the back of a napkin, the sketch would be indistinguishable from the X7. There aren’t any notable design elements other than the disco lighting. I don’t think either of them look bad, but a lot of BMW buyers are looking for newness that isn’t there.

I’m speaking specifically for the two drive-trains’ that crossover on cost. One is a 4 cylinder diesel, one is a 4 cylinder + PiH. I don’t think it’s difficult to understand that I think that unless BMW have done something exceptional the low-end X7 will be priced out by the other premium 7 seat SUV’s out there.

Although, seeing as you hate 4 cylinders so much, the same principle can not be said for the Q7, surely?

I guess it will sell, and easily outsell the 7 series, or the currently aging GLS; But I think it’s not really attractive looking, overdone and baroque. And whilst the interior certainly looks expensive, it also lacks class, hard to say, more airliner business class with a lot of gadgets and leather, but lacking the classy club atmosphere of the sister car Rolls Royce (or a say E38 BMW 7 series)

Strange times we are living in – this one looks miles better than the concept. It looks better than GLS for sure and in a certain angles as good as Range Rover.

One detail that looks extra cheap is the cupholder (actually the entire low part of the middle console) on the second row. Probably it is a soft and nice to touch plastic but from the pictures it looks like a 90’s one. Keeping in mind how luxurious and high-tech the cupholder in the front seat looks this is a very strange decision and bad way to lower expenses .


Source: www.carscoops.com


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Wise 8WD1461 Blast-Off Tour Series High Back Folding Boat Seat. Match with any of the Blast-Off Series Seats. Features Plastic Injection Molded Seat Frame, High Compression Foam Padding, Marine Grade UV and Mildew Treated Vinyl.

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