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Winter Storage Boat storage is great for the winter months when you can’t use your boat. If you plan on putting your boat away in storage for the winter months, it’s important to take the proper precautions. Climate-controlled indoor storage can protect your boat from the harsh winter weather and help your boat have a long, useful life.

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Winter in the Water Year-round in the water winter boat storage is now possible in many harbors. Bubblers and propeller de-icers can protect a boat from winter ice damage. Both systems work by bringing relatively warm (that is, below freezing temperature) water up from the bottom to replace the cold water at the surface.

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Winter Boat Storage. By Brian Gordon, Last updated 9/21/2017. When geese begin winging their way south, boaters in the far north—places like Chicago, Milwaukee and Duluth—turn to the task of removing their boats from the water and laying them up for the winter.

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By Patrick Galvan, With winter quickly approaching, especially if you live up north or in the Midwest where the lakes will soon be freezing over, it’ll be time to put the boat away until spring.

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Climate Controlled Storage. When storing a boat outside, your boat is exposed to the elements and carries a higher risk of damage. A climate controlled storage unit gives you the added peace of mind that your vessel will be stored at a safe temperature year round.