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Friday Funny 03/03

Okay, great, with Bill at the wheel, and me, behind the "wagon train", using our new bluetooth, wireless headsets to help communicate, I direct, a bit of see-sawing, and we get the first trailer into place. We relocated the black trailer first, I don't have any photos of that, because I couldn't manage the camera, and help direct the 27ft trailer, on an extended hitch, with the camper on the truck impeding line of sight for Bill. ) Our trailers have been parked in the front yard of someone who rents out parking space for boats, trailers, and vehicles, at a reasonable monthly fee. Bill wrote about our upcoming boat haul-out, so finding appropriate tools, boat parts, and supplies will be on the top of the list of items to find. Actually, I'm even less interested in driving a truck/trailer combo, especially in reverse, than I am docking our behemoth boat around shiny new power boats or sailboats with large bowsprits. Short version: We brought two enclosed trailers to Wrangell, which are full of boat stuff, ATV/hunting stuff, personal stuff, tools stuff, and possible new cabin stuff. Source: Denali Rose

Thoughts of Spring...

Reorganizing our junk so it is accessible is important for several reasons: [But only to us. that was just a journalistic ploy to keep you from nodding-off. Source: Denali Rose

Bates Motel 5x01 Review: "Dark Paradise" (Dead Mommy Issues) [Guest Poster: Erin Allen]

Norman’s creation of this “Mother” character mixes his many confusing and deranged thoughts. When he tells her, “Yes, Mother, I understand,” we see how everything he does now is because he is in survival mode. Vera Farmiga is captivating as Norma Bates — dead or alive. Now, she has the task of playing Norma as Norman’s sick mental invention. Every scene between Norman and Mother delineates this new labyrinthine relationship. Norma Bates was a beautifully complicated woman and Farmiga played her masterfully. And just like Farmiga contributes a great deal with her “portion” of the role of Norman, Highmore delivers, as well. We are able to see all of that insanity going on in Norman’s head because of Farmiga’s portrayal of Mother. As I referenced above, Farmiga as Mother is a large part of the role of Norman played by Freddie Highmore. You revert back to watching Norma and then Farmiga will make a face or use a tone that reminds you that this is not that Norma. A couple of times Mother mentions how crazy this all is. Remember this is Norman trying to tell himself this, but it comes in the form of his mother trying to talk some sense into him. Source: Just About Write

iainmerchant inspirational leicestershire landscape landscapes leicestershireuk water waterscapes waterscape boat boats canal river towpath reflections reflection reflect boating trees tree travel journey stillness solitude railway architecture
Boats & Railway Arches
Using the railway arches as workshops and storage for the boats.
Photo by iainmerchant on Flickr
finland sailing elisaari
On the way home from the boat's winter storage. It's nice to visit Elisaari early in the spring or late in the autumn, when it's silent and uncrowded there.
Photo by Jukk_a on Flickr
ef34 pohjankuru eurofinn eurofinn34
A row of EF34s waiting for lifting to winter storage in Pohjankuru.
Photo by Jukk_a on Flickr