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Deep Sea Fishing for Valentines?

At Voyager our boats are gone over every year to ensure they are in top working order. You can feel safe when traveling with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing vessels. There are many species of fish found out in the depths of the ocean regardless of where you go fishing. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing provides all the necessary equipment to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. Deep sea fishing, in its essence, is fishing for prey in the deeper part of the ocean. Fish like lantern fish, cookie cutter shark, angler fish and flashlight fish, are the adrenaline rush for those who manage to get their rods tackled by one of these great species. The difference of deep sea fishing from the common fishing is that deep sea fishing will require more specific equipment, for more lures, lines, and rods that are specified for the use of deep sea fishing. Source: Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises

In the BVI

From there we were looking for a safari to take us back to the marina when I spotted a small open air bar with swings instead of stools. The wind, from behind, caught the stern and pushed it the wrong way and once clear of the dock we were pushed into their anchor bowsprit. The shops want your business and will go all out to get it including inviting you in for a beverage (water, soda, beer, etc), free samples and vary aggressive sales techniques including price reductions every time you start for the door. After a great lunch with them and meeting some of their cruising friends, one with a Pearson 422, we headed back to the boat while they went off to do laundry. Once back on the boat putting things away we got a message that Lee and Sharon from Allegro were on their way and did we want to do lunch. The suggested anchorages were very full of boats and anyplace we could choose was too deep so we decided to move over to Brewers Bay. After several days at the marina it was time to move, marinas are expensive. We left the marina but unfortunately had an incident with the boat next to us. We needed to back out of the slip and get the boat turned into the wind once clear of the dock and other boats. Source: Hi Flite

Innovations That Changed Cruising

When the concept proved to be successful, other shipping companies quickly joined in and it wasn’t long before ships were adding luxuries like electric lights, more spacious deck areas and onboard entertainment to keep passengers coming. Our favorite vacation didn’t evolve overnight, and here are seven key moments that came to define modern cruising as we know it. Innovator: P&O Cruises. The first “leisure cruise” set sail in 1844 when the Peninsular Steam Navigation Company (which still exists today as P&O cruises) sailed passengers on small liners to the Mediterranean for the sole purpose of pleasure. Tropical pleasure cruising was a huge hit with travelers, starting a pop culture phenomenon embodied by the hit TV show The Love Boat, which ran from 1977 until 1986. Not content with simply repurposing ocean liners, Carnival decided to design a... Cruise ships slowly increased in size during the 80s and 90s, but the industry took a giant leap forward when Royal Caribbean launched Voyager of the Seas, a massive ship with a gross tonnage of 137,276 and a passenger capacity of 3,114. (For the... Source: The Operach Team - Dream Vacations

Dream Voyager.
Photo by Mahin Fayaz on Flickr
nikon ship bulgaria voyager nesebar корабль несебър nikond800 несебр
Photo by akk_rus on Flickr
cruiseskip delphinvoyager turistskipskaia
Delphin Voyager
Cruiseskipet Delphin Voyager ved Turistskipskaia i Trondheim 28. mai 2010.
Photo by Trondheim Havn on Flickr