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Government and nonprofits shakeup village of Oscarville with clean water and cheaper power

“Of taking control of where that community is going to go. ”. Members of the group representing agencies and nonprofits are visiting Oscarville Friday, and are hoping to come away with ideas that they can apply in other small. Though it was connected to Bethel’s electric utility by a six-mile-long cable, Oscarville was seeing many of the challenges facing much of bush Alaska. The pilot project started with a meeting in Bethel two years ago and included a site visit to Oscarville, and the community met with agency people. Though Oscarville is part of the Bethel grid, in that it has a line coming into the community, there was only one official buyer: the village corporation, which was not eligible for the state’s Power Cost Equalization subsidy. “AVCP recommended Oscarville because the community of Oscarville is very tight knit,” said Brent Latham, a program administrator with AVCP. The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative helped Oscarville bring its grid up to current standards and helped install meters that allow villagers to qualify for Power Cost Equalization. Source: KTOO

Beautiful Nature Hike from Tortuguero Village — Tortuguero, Costa Rica

There is the village proper and then stretched along the canal are the various upscale lodges that use water taxis to get from the lodge to the village and the national park. Walk over to the ocean side and walk along the beach for a short ways and then decide to head in and find a trail that was easier to walk on than the black sand. There are several hotels, and hostels in Tortuguero scattered along the main path from the boat landing and then along the back area near the ocean side. We were staying in a place on the river side and it was enjoyable to sit and watch the boat traffic coming from the upscale lodges and the regular boat traffic back and forth from the village. Source: TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com

2017 LABR Mixed Draft Recap

The minimum bid is 1, not 0, so if your team is ravaged by injuries, there may come a point where you’re literally out of FAAB units and are forced to keep a hurt player in your lineup (yes, this has happened to me before and I’ve seen it happen... And in a league full of industry guys, many owners tend to take their guys whenever they feel like it, even if they could have selected those same guys several rounds later. I found specific players to be undervalued, of course, but not a large group from any position, and it was the same type of player that I usually find undervalued (speed and high batting average guys). The exercise helps me determine which positions I could afford to pass on the top players at value in order to wait for bargains to appear later on, and which positions I shouldn’t expect to find undervalued names, and instead snatch up the top... Obviously, my strategy is to draft the best team possible…by acquiring as much value as I can, while being mindful I don’t draft 300 steals and just 100 homers (believe me, my player values make this is a lot easier to accidentally accomplish than... So rather than going into the draft with a list of positions to wait on and a list of positions I should be willing to pounce on the top guys in the early rounds, I fell back into my standard value based draft strategy (ughhh, there’s that word... Source: FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

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24th MEU_150409-M-BW898-001
Marines with the 24th Marine expeditionary Unit's Maritime Raid Force prepare to board a Landing Craft, Utility from Combat Rubber Raiding Crafts during a Visit, Board, Search and Seizure exercise in the Gulf of Aden,...
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Complex electric utility pole
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