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My Tacktick was at least 10 years old by then, maybe older (came with the boat). Please note: After entering 3 characters a list of Usernames already in use will appear and the list will disappear once a valid Username is entered. Any mast towers at local yards or YCs that you might rent time at. It's actually much more disconcerting going up an unstayed mast, you don't have any standing rigging to hang on to. If you're really concerned about going up the mast and can get... A cherry picker truck/bucket truck,electrictian,power company type or do you know some one with a neon sighn company, is pretty mobile as long as it can get close enough,your cat boat type mast don't seem that tall, but I still wouldn't be going... Source: SailNet Community

Shrimp & Hake Seasons. RockyPoint 360 NewsWrap

In emphasizing his support for green energy, Mayor Kiko Munro detailed his administration is assisting in the project by supervising safety measures via Civil Protection, though maintains complaints his administration has lodged concerning the use... According to files from Ahora Noticias, construction on the second wind turbine at the Energía Sonora Wind Farm represents an investment of over 50 million pesos. Despite low numbers as the season began, hake (merluza) yields have improved, with expectations of possibly 4500 tons for the season, detailed Mateo López León of CANAINPES (Secretary of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry). Mateo López León, Local Secretary of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry (CANAINPES), details poor shrimp yields early in the season have been compensated with larger sizes, resulting in a positive balance overall for the 2016-2017 season. In maintaining open dialog with the Energía Sonora Civil Society, the local administration seeks greater benefits for Puerto Peñasco residents from a second wind turbine currently under construction at the wind farm north of town. Despite lower shrimp yields and concerns at the beginning of the season, he detailed, the size of Puerto Peñasco’s shrimp helped overcome these worries, averaging 21-16 per pound to 15-12 per pound. Source: Rocky Point 360


And around the town I saw more and so my search for different colours and modifications of beetles is back on. No photo of that elusive red beetle but there was cream, light blue, off white, white, dark blue and yet another light blue. Source: Norman's Blog

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Turbine transfers
Distant boat on the Irish sea going to the wind turbines
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