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Racing Tunnel Boat Plans

Race-tested tunnel boat plans for the amateur boatbuilder, boat racer or high-performance boating enthusiast.

Tunnel Boat Design Program software with Vee Hull Design

Powerboat design software for tunnel hulls and Vee hulls - design Sport tunnel, Offshore catamarans, Circuit racing tunnels (F1 / IOGP), Bass Boats, Ocean racers (OPC), Fishing/Utility powercats, or Recreational tunnels, including modified tunnel (Mod-VP), modified Vee style hulls, vee hulls & Vee-Pad hulls, even RC performance models

Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design book by Jim Russell

The most advanced publication on tunnel hull design, how a tunnel hull works, and detailed explanation of design and setup for tunnel boats, power cat, or modified vee hulls. For all Recreation, Performance family hulls, utility/fishing hulls, UIM & APBA race hulls or even RC models.

Boat Plans: 11-Foot Tunnel Boat up to 40 hp - Dillon Racing

Boat Plans: The Pro Tunnel is an 11-foot tunnel boat for GT Pro racing or motors to 40 hp.

Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design: James D. Russell ...

Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design [James D. Russell] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design . (ISBN# 189493330-3) 13th Edition. By well-known powerboat design author and race-driver