Tunnel Boat


Racing Tunnel Boat Plans

Available NOW via Instant Download. Add to Your Tunnelboat-- Composite Cockpit: Jackplate: Seat. Tunnel boats fly over the water on the lift created by their airfoil-shaped hulls and the air trapped and compressed between their sponsons.

History of Tunnel Boat Design and Powerboats

The History of Tunnel boat design book chronicles Powerboat Design Tools since the origin of high performance tunnel boats, hyrdoplanes, F1, marine engineering. History of designing tunnel hull boats and analyzing boat performance enhancement tricks.

Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design book by Jim Russell

The most advanced publication on tunnel hull design, how a tunnel hull works, and detailed explanation of design and setup for tunnel boats, power cat, or modified vee hulls. For all Recreation, Performance family hulls, utility/fishing hulls, UIM & APBA race hulls or even RC models.

Boat Plans: 11-Foot Tunnel Boat up to 40 hp - Dillon Racing

Boat Plans: The Pro Tunnel is an 11-foot tunnel boat for GT Pro racing or motors to 40 hp.

Tunnel Boat Trips in London - London Canal Museum

About the Tunnel. The tunnel was largely complete by 1818 and opened in 1820 with a procession of boats carrying dignitaries. The engineer was the canal's engineer James Morgan, and is the major work of his life.