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Trout fishing in weekend spotlight - Ukiah Daily Journal

Trout action grabbed the fishing spotlight this past week. The East Branch of the Russian River produced some monster trout for the few anglers out on the stream. David Burruss of Clear Lake Outdoors Tackle fished the stream with Gary Hill of Kelseyville and they limited out in less than an hour. Hill said there were trout in just about every hole but hardly any fishermen. They used eggs and power bait.

To reach the fishing area, take the Potter Valley exit off Highway 20. The best fishing is from the bridge upstream for about a mile.

The other good news for trout fishermen is that Upper Blue Lake was scheduled to be stocked this week. This is the first time the lake has been stocked in more than two months.

Bass fishing

Bass fishing on Clear Lake is settling into a typical fall fishing pattern. The Leukemia Benefit bass tournament held Saturday produced limits for just about all the fishermen. The winning team featured local anglers Paul Bailey and Shaun Moon. They had a five-fish limit weighing 24,79 pounds. They also caught the big fish of the tourney, a 7.86-pounder. The tournament drew 46 teams and it took 16.63 pounds to finish in the money.

Most of the fishermen said they drop-shotted plastic worms, cast LV500 lipless crankbaits and jigs. There is no question that the LV500 is one of the top crankbaits on Clear Lake. Mike Rothstein of Lakeport is one of the better bass fishermen on the lake and his favorite lure is the LV500. He casts it out and allows it to settle on the bottom. His retrieve is a yo-yo style where he lifts up the tip of he rod and then lowers it. Retrieved this way the lure resembles an injured minnow to the bass. Most of his hook-ups occur when the lure is resting on the bottom. Rothstein nearly always finishes in the top five places during a tournament and he recently won the Triton Boat Owners tournament held on Clear Lake.

The local fishing guides are averaging from 10-30 fish per day for their clients. The north end of the lake is one of the better areas. The rockpiles near Rocky Point have been producing decent numbers of fish. Another productive area has been the shoreline from Lucerne to Clearlake Oaks. Most of the successful fishermen say they are starting in the shallow water and moving out into the deeper water. One day the bass are holding shallow and the next they are going deep. The recent cool weather made being out on the lake at daylight a cold affair. For example, earlier this week there was frost on the boat ramps. The water temperature at the Fifth Street boat ramp in Lakeport that morning was a chilly 58 degrees.

Bluegill fishing

Bluegill action continues to be excellent for those rigging nightcrawlers beneath a bobber. Shag Rock continues to be one of the better areas. The same applies to Henderson Point. Lakeside County Park is producing bluegill for shore anglers.

Water draw

Yolo County has stopped drawing water from Clear Lake. The lake level is at .95 feet on the Rumsey Gauge. Five cubic feet per second is being released to provide habitat for the fish below the dam.

Duck/quail season

Duck hunters are finding mixed action at the private duck clubs and public hunting areas in the Sacramento Valley. The northern birds haven’t yet migrated to the Sacramento Valley. On Clear Lake a few hunters are getting limits of mallards and a few teal. Quail hunting has been good for the hunters working the Cache Creek Wildlife area and in parts of the Mendocino National Forest.


October 2018 Fishing Thread - The Key Play

Headed back out to Hilton Head for my monthly trip. Probably only fish one day this weekend with the old man. Hot Rainy (82) Saturday gives way to a super mild weekend in the forecast 67 high 56 Low. Be interesting to see what the fish do post front.

Yikes...just read the wind forecast 15-20 mph winds should make for some fun chop to run the flats boat through.

I'm fishing with a friend, and that's his go to. Wilton and some areas around the Golf course, etc. I'm sure you know the spots. I will definitely let you know.
Another report for those interested. Was just talking with French on the phone. He's pier fishing in the OBX. He was on a lunch break, but as we spoke, there was a commotion and the pier net came out. He saw the drum that had just been caught, the first of the day, and we parted ways as he went to get his rods out. I wish him luck.

Was in Southern Shores last week for 4 days of surf fishing. One member of our group scored a 24" puppy drum the first day, but that was the only one we saw the entire time. Caught a good number of speckled trout (lots of shorts, but also a decent number of keepers), plenty of blues, small black drum, a few pompano, and I think a couple of spot. All in all it was decent action, although keepers were pretty rare. I'm still suspicious that the beach nourishment has negatively affected the fishing, but a few more nor 'easters and mother nature will probably put the sand back the way she wants it.

Anyone here have advice on going after drum in the sound? For our next trip I want to be prepared to try the sound if they're not biting in the surf. Can you do this from the shore anywhere, or do you really need a kayak? Lure/bait recommendations?

Good luck to everyone headed out this weekend!

VENT: Just received a report from a local that my secret spot is covered in gill nets and multiple dead drum spotted. I was hoping to fish it next week to learn it during fall patterns, which I have never done. When will NC learn about how bad these are?

Between this, a story I read today about Dominion bulldozing some of the oldest forest in the state for their dumbass pipeline and the looming climate change crisis, if anybody has any more crappy environmental news, just lay it on me and let's get it all out of the way. I'll be tying flies in my basement tonight to keep my sanity. Will probably do an Instagram live for anyone that wants to tune in. I'd say around 9.

Maybe I'll get out and fish for stripers soon instead of the reds.

I've grown up in a family highly focused on conservation with my mom a state forester I have a pulse on anything outdoors since its all we really talk about. Conservation easements are a beautiful thing that we focus on to try and help ensure that the future of a property is safe from big development and can be something left untouched. On my way to the New this summer I passed the pipeline where it was exiting the national forest and it looked like a shit show. Sucks to see the trend were on anymore and it sucks having seen so many things change in the mere 15 years I've been semi conscious but its the way it is sadly so I try to focus on doing what I can even if its as simple as just replanting cutover land with pine trees or working on wildlife habitat to give quail and anything else a chance, I might be one of the few doing it but I'm not gonna let the crappy world around me stop me.

To me its not political its simply the right thing to do. When I was a kid I loathed days with him planting hundreds of trees or converting an old field into a food plot or habitat thinking it was menial labor but now when I go hunt the persimmon, chesnut and apple groves I can sit back and realize what he was teaching me. Going back and seeing cutovers I helped him replant is pretty neat to it just needs patience.

I definitely know what you mean. I spent a lot of time as a kid helping my...


20 Things to Inspect on a Used Bass Boat - Scout

Jumping the gun on a used bass boat purchase can be a precarious endeavor. It’s tempting to pull the trigger on the first good deal you run across, but if you’re not careful, it can quickly turn into thousands of dollars in repairs and very little time on the water. It’s hard to catch bass when your boat is constantly in the shop.

I’ve been there. I’ve been the guy who had to show up at 4:00am before a tournament just to make sure my old boat would crank. It’s not fun and I want to help you learn from my mistakes.

Wired2Fish president Terry Brown and I teamed up to make a quick checklist you can bring with you the next time you go boat shopping. TB is the man I turn to when I have any mechanical issues and his decades of experience make him an incredible resource on this subject.

Engine hours

Have a reputable dealer check the engine hours. Late models in particular can be checked with a computer and some earlier models (1990 and later) have a plug that allows a mechanic to check the hours.

Anything under 250 hours is considered to be fairly new. 500 to 750 hours can be considered moderate. Anything above 750 hours should be purchased with caution and only if the seller has a detailed annual maintenance log.

Compression test

Have a reputable dealer or mechanically inclined friend perform a routine compression test. You should be able to check the engine manufacturer’s manuals for suggested compression levels. If each cylinder is within 5 pounds, it’s usually manageable. But if you’re seeing a 10-pound difference, it can be a red flag.

Inconsisent compression readings can be indicative of serious problems such as bad cylinders, pistons or piston bearings.

Do you know the seller?

Knowing the previous owner is an enormous advantage because you’re likely to know how they treat their stuff. If they are a frequent river fisherman, their boats will often have more wear and tear than someone who fishes reservoirs.

Guide boats can actually be a good deal. They may have higher hours than other recreational boats, but most of these hours are often logged at low speeds due to client safety concerns.

Zinc anodes

If you see a lot of corrosion on a motor, hydrolysis is often the culprit. This can lead to severe electronic problems throughout the entire boat.

Typically, a boat will have two zinc anodes—one at the bottom of the engine mount and one right above the prop. These anodes need to be clean and intact. If they’re not, it can become a big problem down the road.

Prop and lower unit condition

The condition of a prop can tell you a lot about the general condition of a lower unit. If there are dings in the prop and gouges in the skeg, the seller has likely hit something. This can result in prop shaft damage or gear damage.

To check the prop shaft, raise the motor and manually turn the prop with your hand. If it wobbles at all, don’t buy the boat.

Make sure you don’t see any oil leaks. If the boat is in a garage or driveway, look at ground to see if there’s any oil residue. A few drips of exhaust residue isn’t the end of the world, but clear, yellow or green-colored leaks could be indicative of a bad seal.

Switches that don’t work

If the boat looks great, but three switches and half of the lights don’t work, it’s an indication of poor maintenance. If every switch works in a boat, the owner has almost always taken good care of it.

Check the navigation lights and all of your toggles (bilge, fill pump, etc.). These switches typically have a higher failure rate than others.

Crawl under the boat

Get underneath the boat and look for gouges, scratches or divets that may potentially cause a leak. Particularly on fiberglass bass boats, the...



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