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Va'a outrigger canoe racing

It takes 3 days for the race and they paddle 100's of 6 man canoes between the islands of Huahine, Raiatea & Tahaa and then over to Bora Bora where they finish on the beach like superstars. Source: AdventuresAboardAvatar

Four Bars

Some folks might say that the anchor lights, and the presence of the other boats in such an otherwise secluded setting, spoils the effect. We have a 9. 9hp outboard and they had a 3. 5hp so we handily won the first leg -- getting to the beach first. We had a great few hours on Windlied and learned a bit about John and Barbara’s life in NZ about their three adult children, their grandchildren, their life as market gardeners, about the outsized impacts of Chinese. We are anchored in Kiarara Bay tucked between Great Barrier Island on one side and Kiakora Island on the other. Each morning my day starts in front of the computer looking after e-mail: “Doug there is a broken bottle in the parking lot”, “Doug the bathroom light on the second floor is not working”, “Doug, we have no hot water on the fourth floor”. At least I can do this as long as I have Internet access and one of the great joys of Great Barrier Island is looking at my phone and seeing four bars of beautiful Vodaphone cellular coverage. We are nearly at the new moon and there is no other light except masthead anchor lights of the 6 or 10 boats moored across the bay. Source: Sophrosyne

The Ferry to Mo'orea

Many people commute between Mo'orea and Tahiti (Mo'orea is like the suburbs) for both school and work. Source: AdventuresAboardAvatar

tahiti bora borabora frenchpolynesia motutapu vaitape bb1984
bb8404_059, Bora Bora, French Polynesia
The island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia (Tahiti). This photo was taken in April 1984 on Kodachrome 64 slide film with a Minolta SLR camera and Vivitar 70-150 zoom. Scanned in 2005. Photo by Jim Gateley.
Photo by jimg944 on Flickr
tahiti boats
Anchored Boats in Tahiti
Photo by tiarescott on Flickr
tahiti moorea
Intercontinental Moorea Tahiti 12082011_2969
Photo by Arnie Papp on Flickr