Stern Drive Boat

Day 43 — Russell, New Zealand

A shower was a bucket over the stern of the boat. Eventually discovered they were 'off site' and got a shuttle to a very shady industrial estate - did not ask too many questions but got a car that appeared to be OK. Three hour drive to Opua where we met 'Ethel' - A's face was a picture. Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

Whakatane — Whakatane, New Zealand

Near 'Whitianga' the high coast road had fallen away so much that in many places there was a system of passing areas along the cliff edge. We have friends in Yorkshire who's daughter had moved out to the nearby town of 'Ohope' seven years ago and we had arranged to go and see Pamela, her husband Niall and their one year old son Beren. Another late start, then a short drive to explore the surrounding area. We spent all afternoon chatting, especially about their new life here and the New Zealand lifestyle. We visited the site of an old Maori 'Pa' (fortress) on the top of a hill overlooking the river and harbour before going for a long walk along the beach of an inlet where we watched fish jumping, seabirds on the sand spits and birds singing and... At the weekend there was a report that the boat had seen orcas (killer whales) but they had moved on. We anchor in a small bay and are ferried ashore through the (quite) warm sea by a zodiac. White Island (Whakaari) is New Zealand's most active volcano, 27 miles offshore and there is a boat trip out to visit it. Norah didn't fancy the idea of a sea crossing, just to walk across a sulphur spewing moonscape, bubbling with hot mud that... Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

Island Hopp'n

I was a bit apprehensive about staying here due to a bad experience (REALLY bad swells) the last time we were in the area. Dolphins love to play around boats but, they hate the noise of an engine. (If no one has commented yet, there will be a "No Comments" link near the bottom of the post. They were at our stern, playing at the bow, and zooming under the bottom of the boat from port to starboard. If someone has already commented, there will be a number and the word "comments" beside it. Just click whichever of these is there, click, "add comment" when the window opens, and type away. Source: Second Chances

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The Svitzer Bedford coming back to its dock in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Svitzer Bedford christened in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 3 November. The azimuthing stern-drive (ASD) coastal and shiphandling tug was...
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Point Valiant and Svitzer Bedford, two large tugs that service Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Eastern Canada Towing has increased the power and manoeuvrability of its Halifax fleet through the purchase of a newly...
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DSC_3071 - The Everlast
The Everlast is managed by the Upper Lakes Group and is a partnership with McAsphalt. The tug and barge use an articulated pin system and when coupled measure just over 500 feet. The tug Everlast features 6,000...
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