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Devonport to Stanley — Stanley, Australia

"they stop running" silly me. Stanley is a great place with plenty of history Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

The Old folks are off at last — Heathrow, United Kingdom

Our first decision was that we would be doing so much travelling on trains, buses and boats that it would be too cumbersome to have suitcases or very large backpacks with us. So we decided to go "Hand luggage" only. Mind you, Val's sense of direction is a little wayward, so we might venture off the beaten track from time to time. Try getting insurance for two OAPs for a trip for over 6 months and then mention that you want cover to include voluntary work in a zoo in Asia that may involve "construction work" in your application. Then we realised that by the time we'd packed our sleeping bags and waterproofs, our mosquito nets, and a mountain of pills for avoiding malaria, high blood pressure etc (to try to keep 2 OAPs alive for 6 months), and our marmalade sandwiches (for... We started planning the trip about 6 months ago and have been through the pain of voluntary work applications and passport renewals and booking flights here there and everywhere with airlines that you have never heard of. Then we have had to work... If we can manage the technology - and find internet cafes from time to time - this Blog is where Val and Derek (AKA Nanny and Grandad) will try to keep our grandchildren - that's Ted, Ellen, Kaylee, Charlotte, Jessie, and last but not least our... Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

When Law Robbed the Phillies

But something about baseball — here, all those clichés about its hold on the American psyche apparently held true — blinded even the most revered jurists, including Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. , Earl Warren, Hugo Black, William O. Douglas and Felix... So when the Cardinals traded him to Philadelphia that October, Flood, 31 at the time, was not much inclined to go, even though he had no choice if he wanted to stay in the game. Other black stars, like Mays, Aaron and Ernie Banks, rocked no boats. But in 1922, the United States Supreme Court had held that the business of baseball was somehow not interstate commerce covered by that law, and in 1953 it ruled, equally ludicrously, that Congress had wanted it that way. And that was what Marvin Miller, the firebrand executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, told Flood. But backed by representatives from the various teams, Miller agreed to bankroll Flood’s case, retaining Arthur Goldberg, late of the Supreme Court, to handle it. Flood himself was undeterred by the inevitable blacklisting to come. Source: Old Life

Photo by [jf] on Flickr
bar pub inn publichouse
The Stanley Ferry
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Photo by [jf] on Flickr