Squirt Boat

Ha Long Bay - Day 1 — Ha Long bay, Vietnam

Got to the port city of Ha Long Bay at about 12:30, where we got our first look at the bay from the huge suspension bridge. When a squid got hooked it would squirt black ink into the water, which was clearly visible under the bright lights. Source: TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com

Cheapskates on the Move, Washing dishes

If you NEED hot water (tomato or oil based recipe), you can heat it up in a tea kettle (or put some water in a pot still warm from cooking & put it back on the stove--running water while waiting for it to get hot is WASTEFUL. , here's food for thought: the-cultural-divide-on-washing-dishes-brits-vs-americans Storm Passage: Alone around Cape Horn by Webb Chiles Open Boat: Across the Pacific by Webb Chiles Bumfuzzle by Patrick Schulte Flirting with Mermaids by John... Source: Planes, boats and bicycles

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Bumper Boats at Clark's
those things squirt far! 08/2009 NH Vacation
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Little squirt, Jungle Boat Cruise, Disneyland, California
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