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WATCH: Man rescues dolphin stuck in shallow water after hurricane - WKRG News 5

PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WFLA) - A Florida man rescued a dolphin from shallow water after Hurricane Michael, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Justin Squire shared the video on his Facebook page last Thursday, one day after Michael tore through the Panhandle. The video was taken at Indian Pass Campground in Port St. Joe, one of the hardest hit areas.

In the video, Squire and his friends are driving around the campground to look at the damage left behind by the storm. When they get to the boat ramp and beach area, Squire spots a dolphin stuck in shallow water.

Squire then jumps out of his car and runs toward the water. He lifts the dolphin up by the tail and drags it into deeper water so it can swim away.

Squire posted the video with the caption, "So I saved a dolphin" with a smiley face. The video has been viewed nearly 200,000 times. It also has thousands of reactions, comments and shares.


Cry me a river: Low water levels causing chaos in Germany - Live 5 News WCSC

With such widespread drought, Germany's agricultural industry is also struggling. There have been shortages of feed for livestock and the country's grain harvest is forecast to drop to 36 million tons this year compared to an average of 47.9 million tons over the last five years, according to the Center for Disaster Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Unexploded World War II munitions are also popping up, most recently with a 1,000-kilogram (2,200-pound) American bomb being found on the exposed bottom of the Rhine near Neuwied this week. Experts say some 3,000 bombs were dropped in the area as the allies sought to destroy a railway bridge, but only a few actually hit their target.


3 Forgotten Hard Baits for Fall Bass - Wired2Fish

Fall bass fishing is synonymous with power fishing: Topwaters, crankbaits and spinnerbaits will be many anglers’ first choice throughout the season. While these are certainly suitable options, there are several other lures that’ll help you catch bass this fall.

Thinking outside the box and opting for these overlooked hard baits can get you bites where other anglers are only seeing activity.

Micro lipless crankbaits

An often ignored lure for shallow water autumn bass is a smaller-than-usual lipless crankbait. 1/2-ounce and 3/4-ounce Rat-L-Traps , Red Eye Shads and other lipless plugs are go-to lures for anglers across the country in the fall but many folks forget about their smaller 1/4-ounce running mate. Baitfish are notoriously small throughout the fall months and these tiny lipless baits do an excellent job of mimicking this forage.

More than being the right size, a lighter lipless crankbait is better suited for probing shallow depths in which bass are targeting shad and other baitfish. The lighter lure is less obtrusive in skinny water and can be fished around a myriad of cover types.

About a month ago I fished a tournament on the lake I live on and had my tail kicked by a couple anglers using this exact technique in the very backs of creeks where they found schools of bait. I took note and have had several successful days on the water since following this protocol.

There is nothing fancy about this presentation whatsoever—simply locate baitfish congregating around shallow cover, cast your lipless plug and slowly reel it in, bumping the bottom as you go. A 1/4-ounce lipless can be fished in the same areas anglers use more traditional fall offerings like topwaters, spinnerbaits and squarebills but it shows pressured bass something different. Which can mean the difference between seeing lots of bass in your fishing area, and putting those bass in the boat.


Many anglers reach for their favorite topwater or squarebill crankbait during the fall months, but wakebaits are often left out of the conversation somehow. Wakebaits come in all shapes and sizes; from big, jointed options to small plugs that resemble traditional crankbaits. They dive anywhere from a foot deep to merely inches below the surface, depending on line size and rod angle, and are an excellent bait choice when bass won’t commit to a topwater.

I grew up in central Illinois where a Mann’s Baby 1-Minus was an extremely popular shallow-diving crankbait/wakebait. Over the years I’ve found myself throwing this wakebait less and less, until a recent fall fishing outing where I was reminded of the fish-catching prowess this little lure possesses.

Two weeks ago I volunteered my time as a high school fishing boat captain and took a couple young anglers out on a local Oklahoma fishery. The bass were feeding on shad in dirt-shallow water in the backs of creeks but they didn’t want to eat a topwater. We were having a hard time finding a lure they’d react to that wouldn’t snag limbs, leaves and other debris in the ultra-shallow water.

I tied on an old Mann’s Baby 1-minus for one of the anglers and it performed perfectly in this scenario. The youngsters caught several good fish, easily kept the lure out of snags, and kept me busy with the net. You can fish the Baby 1-Minus and other wakebaits around or over any type of cover and in practically any water clarity. Wakebaits are perfect for fishing around shallow grass, rocks, laydowns or other types of shallow structure in a scenario where bass are keying in on baitfish.

Floating jerkbaits are another fantastic option for fall bass that don’t get the attention they deserve. The two I’ve had the most success with recently is the Rapala Orignal Floating Minnow and the Shadow Rap Shad . A Rapala Original Floating Minnow has been catching bass since before I was born and...



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Shallow Sport’s hull designs are engineered to run high and dry. The channels built into the hull direct the water under the boat, through the tunnel and towards the prop instead of spraying out of the sides like most conventional V bottom boats which keeps you exceptionally dry.

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SHALLOW SPORT BOATS. For over 60 years, the Shallow Sport family has built high quality fiberglass center console fishing boats specifically designed to run, idle and fish in ultra-shallow lakes and bays. At the same time, the intricate hull designs break up rougher water to allow for an unbelievably comfortable and dry ride.