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“Napoli, Brooklyn” – Attempts More than It Achieves

She tries to bring in the civil rights movement (Tina is friends with a black woman at work), the women’s liberation movement ( The Feminine Mystique) wasn’t published until 1962), and the current debate over immigration. Nic, their father, is a violent and angry man who lashes out and resorts to attacks against his wife and his daughters. After the crash, Nic has apparently totally changed – rather than angry and violent, he appears placid and easy-going. The play is set in Brooklyn in the fall of 1960. It centers on the three daughters of Luda and Nic Muscolino, both immigrants from Italy. We learn about some of the recent events in the family: Francesca and Connie are planning on running away (to France) by stowing away on a boat. We also learn that Nic’s reaction when Francesca cut her long hair was so violent that Vita stepped in between, threatened her father and was beaten by him resulting in severe injuries. Connie has changed her mind about leaving with Francesca because her brother was killed in the crash, and Celia is bunking on the couch since her husband was killed also. The only apparent reason for bring the crash into the play is to have a spectacular first act curtain, and to supposedly motivate some changes in Nic and Connie, Francesca’s friend. Source: Two on the Aisle

Under Down Under: Ultimate 8

I'd always wanted to cross a gorge or valley on a bridge, and after walking all the way along and back, can tick it off. I made it in the end and we enjoyed a spectacular view across the valley, down to the Franklin River and beyond. We were a little early so had a little wander along the esplanade. I paired up with Siân, a lovely Welsh lady who had a lot of patience with my slow climb up the steps. Next was back to Strahan to collect the boat lot. We all lined up along one of the steepest, ready to run/jump/tumble all the way down. The remainder of us felt quite smug when the others realised they had to climb back up. That too turned into a race, ending in a few rosy glows, and projectile vomit. Once our Guide, Dan, arrived we climbed aboard the bus, mumbled a few hellos and settled into a seat. I also rustled up a few tuna sandwiches for lunch, and a peanut butter one just in case. There were a few more pick ups to go. Once the fun one-way system had been navigated and everyone was on board it was time to leave Hobart and drive through the Derwent Valley. Breakfast was a cuppa and a few slices of toast, one jam, one peanut butter and one nutella. Source: Just Another Smith...

1 of 3 Cities & a Scooter — 3 Cities, Malta

Small tunnels went down to other levels & at one point I thought I was lost. Then down into the vaults where many cells held segregated sexes ready for a good torturing in a nearby room (apparently a foot crusher was popular). The trip was quite an adventure in such a small boat with just me & another couple and the skipper on board. A fantastic place with numerous small side streets where houses had small balconies and washing hanging out to dry. Then got the long lift down to the Eastern docks & caught a small fishing boat across the harbour to the central of the 3 cities called Birgu (or Citta Vittoriosa). A large castle-like fortification at the entrance to the old city, which was built by the Knights and used as their HQ during The Great Seige of 1556. The museum was very good (€10 entry) and really showed the hardships that the Maltese endured... One room was devoted to nativity scenes, with a model of modelers making models, and another of models looking at models in a nativity scene. Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

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Near the a46 hobby horse roundabout outskirts of north Leicester
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Watery Roundabout
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