Race Radio

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nice dark carnival milky way
I was driving home from the races, and I looked up, and realized the sky was darker than I'd ever seen. so... even though it was late, I pulled off at the next exit and found a place to park. turned out to be a...
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unpacking our stinky gear at Fitz's house in Oxford
photo by Gary Bridgman* Here is my account of this canoe trip, published in Oxford Town and the the Wolf River Conservancy's newsletter in the summer of 1998. A River Creeps Through It by Gary Bridgman OT...
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Race Day #3
In race days, lots of people will be gathered on off-course betting branches. As there are no sits on these betting branches, some people just sit outside any available 'sit' near the branches with a racing post and a...
Photo by Calvin Lee a.k.a calvin83 on Flickr