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Of different thickness1mm 1.5mm to 6mm rc hobby parts, quadcopter carbon frame parts - Global Sources

Of different thickness1mm 1.5mm to 6mm rc hobby parts, quadcopter carbon frame parts

Most of the carton fiber material were used in the field of mechanical parts,auto parts,medical equipment parts, aerospace & aviation, precision instruments, food equipment, optics& electronics.

The material includes 1k,2k,3k,6k,12k ,24k etc.. 3k ,12k is popular used .

The surface includes twill ,flat ,matte ,bright and some others with customer request .

Based on our experienced engineers & QC team, we could make these machined components

exactly according to your drawings or samples .

We devoted ourselves to CNC machining many years, covering most of the European and the American market.

We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

Descriptioncarbon fiber board
Material available1k,2k,3k,6k,12k ,24k etc
ApplicationMechanical parts,UAV parts,Auto Part,Electrical parts, Aerospace,Military,Medical,etc.

Advantages of the material :
1). Lasting Performance
2). Good Resilience
3). High Strength
4). Good Tenacity
5). High Corrosion Resistance
6). Excellent Structural Properties
7). UV Resistant Inhibited
8). Environmentally Safe
9). Variety Of Colors For Choice
10). Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic
11). Consistent Cross Section
12). Dimensional Stability
13). Non-Conductive Thermally And Electrically
14). Wide Temperature Range Use
15). Superior Dimensional Stability
16) . Smooth finish on surface
Source: www.globalsources.com

Guy Invents an Instax Drone Camera That Takes Instant Aerial Photos - My Modern Met

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, drone photography continues to soar in popularly. Photographers and videographers are now able to capture breathtaking aerial views that were once only possible using a helicopter or airplane. However, while some photographers opt for ultra-modern HD cameras, some still hold a special place in their hearts for the old-school aesthetic of instant photography. Using his five years of experience in the industry, drone pilot Trent Siggard decided to explore the idea of combining both new and old technology by building a custom drone that carries a Fujifilm Instant Camera.

“With the drones available today you can fly for up to 30 minutes and take as many photos as your memory card will hold,” says Siggard. “I wanted to shift the way I think about taking aerial photos and become more intentional in what I shoot. That’s why I’ve decided to combine the two and put an instant camera on a drone.” Siggard had an old 500mm quadcopter frame “collecting dust” that he combined with various spare parts from other gadgets to get it flying. After a successful test flight, it was time to mount the instant camera.

Source: mymodernmet.com

15 Best Racing Drones of 2018 - 3D Insider

The Rodeo 110 from Walkera is a mini-drone that packs a punch. This bundle comes ready to fly with the Devo 7 fully compatible controller, although you may also get the bind-and-fly package if you already have a controller from an old Walkera model. With a sturdy and lightweight carbon fiber frame, the Walkera Rodeo maintains exceptional durability that is crash and impact resistant. The carbon fiber body also serves to protect the drone’s more sensitive components, including the brushless motors and FPV camera. The drone has an integrated 600 TVL HD camera which provides video at a transmission power of 25 mW/200mW. The 850 mAh battery of the Rodeo 110 can provide up to 6 minutes of flight time, although the small size of this drone means that it is heavily affected by unfavorable weather conditions. Overall, the Rodeo 110 gracefully combines power and maneuverability in a compact and affordable ready-to-fly package which should satisfy amateur and experienced drone racers alike.

2. Hubsan H107D X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter

Wallkera have truly made a name for themselves in the racing drone market ever since they released the 250 Runner in 2015. With the F210, they have shown that their drones have improved by leaps and bounds since then. This drone combines the convenience of having a drone that comes ready to fly with the desire for customization of hardcore drone racers. Getting the drone on the air requires a little assembly, including installing the ESCs and plugging the FPV transmitter and the OSD to the main powerboard. Since these components are not soldered onto the main frame, they can be replaced and optimized as the drone pilot pleases. Even without any customization, the F210 runs beautifully, which should give amateurs a sigh of relief. The onboard camera of this drone has 700 TVL resolution and a 120° field of view. Having some amount of peripheral vision should be a boon to drone racers, as it improves the experience and the value of FPV video.

5. Walkera Runner 250 Advance

The SwagDrone is a small and compact racing drone that comes fully assembled and will require just a little setting up before you can take to the skies. It comes with a dedicated controller that can transmit up to a maximum range of 500 meters. A 600 TVL camera with a 110° field of view can provide real-time video, although you will need to get the FPV goggles separately. The fuselage of the SwagDrone is made of carbon fiber reinforced with ABS, giving it superior durability. The power of the 4 brushless motors allow the SwagDrone to reach breakneck speeds that should satisfy most hardcore drone racers. The SwagDrone also offers customization opportunities through the Cleanflight software so more advanced users can make fine-tuned adjustments to this drone. With limitless customization options, the SwagDrone is great as both an entry-level and advanced racing drone.

9. Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone

The Crusader GT2 is a mid-level racing drone that will require a higher level of set up before use. It is not a ready to fly package, and you will have to separately buy the battery, transmitter, and FPV goggles. Fortunately, none of the components need to be soldered in place – you will only need to plug in each one on the main powerboard. Once set up, the Crusader GT2 quickly shows that all the effort has been worth it. It is equipped with very powerful 2480 kV motors that allow it to reach insanely high speeds of up to 89 mph. Although it has an onboard 700 TVL front-facing camera for FPV flight, you also have the option of mounting a GoPro Hero camera for high-resolution video captures. The Crusader GT2 is a an extremely fast racing drone but setting it up can be a bit more expensive and too complicated for beginners.

10. EACHINE Wizard X220 FPV Quadcopter

One of the components of the RXD 250 that makes it distinct from other racing drones...

Source: 3dinsider.com


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