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Actual figure used for ROTJ 65, 77, 79, 92 card backs

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California Props. 5, 8, 11, 12: Chickens uncaged, dialysis profits uncapped - San Francisco Chronicle

The measure, which was backed by the Humane Society, was ahead 59 percent to 41 percent with 34 percent of precincts reporting.

Other propositions on the ballot saw mixed results:

Proposition 8: The initiative to restrict dialysis clinics’ profits lost, trailing 62 percent to 38 percent.

The initiative was proposed by the Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West and drew fierce opposition from for-profit dialysis providers. Dialysis clinics provide treatment for people without functioning kidneys.

Those dialysis companies contributed $111 million to defeat the measure, the most one side of a ballot initiative has spent in any state in 16 years. Two committees run by the union raised $20 million in support of Prop. 8. All told, it was the most expensive initiative in state history.

Proposition 5: Voters also rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed people 55 and older as well as those who are severely disabled or disaster victims to, when selling their primary residence, transfer its property tax assessment to their next home. That would have let them avoid a potentially steep increase in taxes.

The initiative trailed 58 percent to 42 percent.

Proposition 11: The measure to require paramedics and emergency medical technicians to be on call during their meal breaks won, with 60.5 percent supporting it and 39.5 percent opposed in early returns.

Backed by the state’s largest private ambulance operator, American Medical Response, Prop. 11 was intended to head off a potential lawsuit. A 2016 court decision related to security guards not having to be on call during their meal breaks prompted the company’s concern that ambulance workers would seek the same protections.

Melody Gutierrez joined the San Francisco Chronicle in 2013 to cover politics from the Sacramento bureau. Previously, she was a senior writer who covered politics, education and sports for The Sacramento Bee.

With an emphasis on watchdog reporting, she has written investigative stories on pension spiking, high school steroid use, troubles in a school police force and how the state failed to notify a school district that a teacher was barred from foster care parenting due to multiple molestation allegations.

She has also examined the state’s use of segregation cells for prisoners, detailed legislative and legal efforts to curtail "revenge porn" and chronicled the effects of the drought in California.


UConn Men's Basketball 2018-19 Prop Bets - The UConn Blog (blog)

With a new era in UConn men’s basketball tipping off soon, the staff at The UConn Blog dot com decided to get down and dirty to predict how the Huskies will do this season under our savior Dan Hurley. We went more into stats here but if you want our general season predictions, check out our staff roundtable !

Over/Under: 8.5 Non-Conference Wins
Tucker Warner: Over. UConn has eight capital-B bad teams on its non-conference schedule. All they need is one win against a solid team to beat this over.

Connolly: Definitely over. The fact that almost their entire non-conference schedule is at home against bad teams bodes well.

Dan Madigan: I’m with Tucker here on the over. If this team doesn’t finish the non-con slate with at least eight wins, it’s going to be another long season. Just one win against the group of Syracuse, Arizona, Florida State and Villanova makes this over hit. I’ll take my chances on that.

tcf15: Over. If UConn doesn’t hit the over on this, then something went horribly wrong this season.

Over/Under: 10.5 Conference Wins

Tucker: Slight over. The average of my most pessimistic projection and most optimistic projection is 11 conference wins, so I’ll go with that.

Connolly: Over. There’s enough bad teams in the conference that UConn should handle, which means they just need a couple wins over UCF, Cincinnati and SMU at some point. I’d be surprised if they were totally swept by the trio.

Madigan: Under, barely. UConn has to play UCF, Cincinnati, Temple and SMU twice. Not ideal. Those are still winnable games but UCF, Cincy and SMU are flat out better than the Huskies this year, so they’ll be lucky to win two or three of those six games.

tcf15: Over. UConn has at least 6 wins on the schedule in USF twice, ECU twice, Tulane and Tulsa. I say there is a good chance they pick up 5 more throughout the rest of the season.

Over/Under: 16 Points Per Game for Jalen Adams

Tucker: Over again. He averaged 18 a game last season, and what he’ll lose with less dominance over the ball, he’ll make up for with increased efficiency.

Connolly: Over. If Dan Hurley can get through to Jalen, he’s going to be one of the best players in a country and should dominate the lowly competition in the non-conference schedule.

Madigan: Over. Even with Alterique Gilbert hopefully healthy and the addition of some decent guards like Tarin Smith and Brendan Adams , this team still needs Jalen to score a lot to win. He’s the centerpiece of this offense and will be relied on heavily, much like he has his whole career.

tcf15: Over. Dan Hurley wants a Jimmer Fredette-type season from Jalen Adams this year. He will have to green light throughout the season and should put up close to 20 points per game.

Over/Under: 4.5 Assists Per Game for Alterique Gilbert

Tucker: Under. There’s a lot of capable ballhandlers in the backcourt this year, and Gilbert hasn’t yet shown himself to be the type of player to dominate the assist count. That doesn’t mean he’s not a good passer, it just means there’s a lot of mouths to feed. Also, Dan Hurley has only once had a player average five assists per game.

Connolly: Under. As good as Alterique looked in preseason, I don’t think he’ll be the only guard bringing the ball up and dishing out assists. They’re going to be split between Alterique, Jalen, Tarin Smith and even Brendan Adams.

Madigan: Over. I think Alterique will run the offense a lot and give Jalen a bunch of easy buckets, and drive and kick out to Christian Vital for easy 3-pointers. Not to mention, Hurley will likely be running an offense that features ball movement and motion instead the past few years of iso-ball. Assists overall will be up.

tcf15: Under. Like Madigan says, assists will be up, but I don’t...


Review: AEE Mach 1 quadcopter does not disappoint this drone racer - Gearbrain

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Gearing up to fly

Getting the drone in the air is as simple as launching the Aee Mach 1 iOS or Android app on your iPhone or Android device then preparing for takeoff. (Note that we couldn't run the app on our Google Pixel 1 running Android 9.0, but could on our LG Google Nexus 5X running Android 8.1.) The Mach 1's GPS includes 1-button take-off and landing, return to home and all the other GPS essentials one would want.

Before your first flight be sure to update all software and firmware on the drone — and install the four tool-less propellers (two full sets of four included), and the included — but optional — prop-guards for safety. You can easily set everything up before the battery finishes charging on the included wall charger — which itself takes up to an hour.

For flight control just use your smartphone or tablet through 2.4 GHz or 5.8 gGHz Wi-Fi, or pair to the included Bluetooth transmitter. The latter feels just like your favorite console game controller, and it even vibrates to tell you when it has connected. (Bonus.) The included transmitter has an internal battery which you can charge with a standard micro USB cable, which is also in the box, and my choice of control.

Time for a test drive

After testing the Mach 1 drone first in my small yard — and finding it flew well — I recharged the battery and headed out to my favorite local park. Another welcome surprise? When powering up, the drone's flight controller and ESCs make the same beeping sequences as my racing drones. Why is this so exciting you may ask? This means AEE has put current hardware in the Mach 1 to let it handle modern flight controller firmware — that results in great flight performance.

Buy AEE Mach 1 Drone at Best Buy for $299.

The drone has an adjustable geofence for maximum height so you can't accidentally launch it into the stratosphere — and never see it again after its first flight. While generally I might prefer to turn this feature off if possible, it was so windy during my test that 60 meters was plenty high as I feared getting blown to the next town in a massive gust of wind.

For my first real test fight I flew the drone as aggressively as possible, repeatedly making it go up as fast as it can "punch out," and also flying it forward and backward at a maximum angle to its test performance. I tried all of the fight modes from beginner to expert, noticing more tilt and power unlocked as I made the adjustments.

Time for a recharge

While I had a great time pushing the AEE Mach 1 drone, I felt that at the 10+ minute mark, the 2s 1900mAh battery was clearly not full. I noticed a loss of peppiness when trying to get the drone to climb up and over some trees. I'm sure you can get the claimed up to 16 minute flight time, particularly if the drone is used as an aerial video platform hovering, rather than diving and swooping at full power. That's how I tested it on my next flight later in the afternoon, and got 15 minutes with no noticeable loss of hovering performance.

The items that stand out in this package are the up to task components, build quality, and flight characteristics that do not disappoint. Even with 10 to 16 minute of flight time, though, I would want to purchase another battery —perhaps even two — to make the most use of the drone. And although the Mach 1 belongs outside, it is easy enough to control that it could be flown indoors in, say, a gym or large hall.




For Your Outboards & Stern Drives - Prop Guard propeller guard

The PROP GUARD® is a unique, U.S. and international patented propeller guard with no moving parts, no electrical wiring, and no hydraulic hoses. It can easily be installed in minutes with a few basic tools.

For Your Outboards & Stern Drives - Prop Guard propeller guard

Metal guards can corrode, and with a hard hit, the metal guard can be pushed into the propeller causing possible propeller damage. Besides propeller damage, the metal cage can break into metal fragments that could cause personal injuries and gear box damage.

Propeller & Skeg Guards | West Marine

Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Propeller & Skeg Guards at the official West Marine online store. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! propeller guard

DJI Phantom Prop Guard Tool-Free Quick Snap On/Off Prop Guards. Premium Quality Snap On/off 4pcs Prop Guards for DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced and Professional Tool-Free Quick Release Disconnect Propeller Protector DJI Phantom 3 Prop Guards - White & Red. by cjc. $12.99 $ 12 99 Prime.

Boating Industry Statements About Propeller Guards

Boating Industry Statements About Propeller Guards Boating Industry Speaks Out on the Futility of Propeller Guards Over the last three decades, the industry has repeatedly declared propeller guards do not work, cannot work, and will never work.