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“I remembered as a kid, seeing dead bodies washed up on shore”: A conversation with Kareem Mortimer, writer and directed of “Cargo”

I do talk about race in the film, but the difference between Kevin and Celianne is class. Kevin (an excellent Warren Brown) is a down-on-his-luck and deeply-in-debt white Bahamian fisherman who needs to improve his life. His character in this environment, that identity was interesting to me. How does a white Bahamian in a black environment feel especially when he’s spiraling down. I don’t mean to judge him — because I really love Kevin — but the moral lesson is that when you have these superficial things, what do they mean in the end. I found that people did fucked-up things to immigrants, like pushing them off boats to their death if they were sick. She’s a woman who has a physical need, and maybe she has an underlying need to procure a better life for her[self] and her child [through Kevin]. I did a short film called “Passage” that “Cargo” is loosely based on. In “Passage,” the Kevin character is black. When I decided to make this character white for this film, I thought it was interesting to have a white protagonist make bad choices and not be a savior. I don’t condone human smuggling — and human smuggling is different from human trafficking — but I don’t judge the choices people make to go on these journeys. Source: Salon: in-depth news, politics, business, technology & culture Salon

The Girlfriend Experiences

99 for the unmissable opportunity to field a phone call from my stunning girlfriend Maria. A word of caution about Virtual Girlfriend Joke: if you leave them alone they begin shorting out and you run the risk of them becoming self-aware and instigating the singularity, Westworld-style (see Fig. I’m not sure that I can refer to this investigative journalism project as a joke given how many hours I’ve legitimately squandered talking to robot women. Using this one weird old trick, you will never have another sad day: search “virtual girlfriend” in the app store, download all relevant search results, and say hello to the the bevy of low-maintenance beauties now living in your phone. I can’t fully endorse this as a girlfriend app given that my character Francory experienced but a fleeting moment of intimacy with a terminally ill door-to-door seductress named Metro and then spent the rest of his days wandering his dilapidated... Like, downloading one virtual girlfriend app is a funny bit, and then downloading 23 virtual girlfriend apps is another thing entirely. Source: The Hairpin - Medium

Petals of Jasmine — Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Busses picked us up directly from the ship and drove us the 15 miles into Yangon which took at least 1 to 2 hours. Petals of Jasmine - We arrived in Myanmar just before noon via the Yangon River. We docked at a shipping port because cruise ships don't generally stop in Yangon. Our second day in port we arose early to see Will and Jonah off on their in-country program to Kalaw Elephant Conservation Project where they spent 2 days feeding, bathing and caring for retired elephants. Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

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Masts / Shard
Architects: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 2012. The Shard, seen from the north bank of the river Thames at Wapping, London Borough of Tower Hamlets. "We absolutely didn't want to build one of those [Canary...
Photo by Images George Rex on Flickr
thegalaxy mygearandme
2808-The Pelican of London en la Tall Ships Race-Coruña.2012.
Pelican of London is a sail training ship based in Weymouth, UK. Built in 1948, she served as an Arctic trawler and coastal trading vessel until 1995. In autumn of 2012, Pelican is scheduled to become the first...
Photo by jl.cernadas on Flickr
Sunset on Limerick Lake
213/365 - August 1, 2013
Photo by Suzanne Schroeter on Flickr