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Oct 13, 00:23 PDT

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Welcome to Chile — Punta Arenas, Chile

This area gets only 31 inches of rain per year, (Puerto Montt where we will go in a couple days) gets almost 80. Copper is now the major export from this part of Chile, and also some oil rigs we will see as we sail further west. After Britain claimed the Falkland Islands (the first time) in 1840's, Chile was afraid that they would try to claim Pategonia, so they did what the Argentines did in Ushuaia - they set up a penal colony and sent down convicts and warders to... We didn't expect a lot from Punta Arenas, but we ended up liking it a lot, mostly because we had an excellent guide, Javier, and a small tour group. The tribes just never understood the concept of private property and could not understand why they could hunt the guanaco on one side of the fence, but not the little white fluffy game on the other side. and 5During the circumnavigation, two ships deserted and two ships were burned by natives in various places. And finally there is the little boat, the James Caird, which is what Shackleton and 4 hands sailed from Elephant Island 800 miles to South Georgia Island. Argentina says Ushuaia is the southernmost city, and technically it is. But Chile says that Ushuaia has only 75K people, so it is the southernmost TOWN, while Punta Arenas, with 127K population is the southernmost CITY. Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

Boat rescued from Cook Strait

Boaties called emergency services after their 5-metre runabout became stranded around one nautical mile from the airport when its propeller became entangled in a fishing net, a police spokeswoman said. Source: - Dominion Post

John Ross Breaks NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash Record With 4.22 Seconds

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you see it, Ross won’t be receiving a private island for his effort as he opted to wear Nike — he later signed with the brand after his sprint. Source: The NA Times

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Private Boat Cruising
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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Private Boat
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Anguilla Trip - January 2015 - Boats of Anguilla
Another private boat.
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