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Released to the wilds

Matt and Hels chipped in for a while, which was most appreciated, until the fresh varnish fumes overcame Matt and we sent him home with Hels to watch the rugby. I should also add that although it looks like the terminal stage of a capsizing broach to windward, we somehow recovered it despite the odds and raced on. Although, as I recall, there were plenty of other capsizes of a more complete nature on our... Source: scapegoats anonymous

Hard, rough, arduous, tough, scared

Right now I feel as though the things that I have been through and am going through are all those words. The Lord has a plan for me and I know that by following him and trying to do my best he helps me. He has brought amazing people into my life who help and inspire me to become better. It is that the Lord has a plan for me and once I get through that levee I will see the layout of the field, there will be other issues as there usually are with growing plants but I will be able to see the bigger picture. In the past year I have lost a job, gained a job, began selling items on eBay, started selling Lularoe clothing, gained two extra children by letting them into my home, adopted a dog and now will be putting up the home I live in for sell. Source: Mutations of Life

PWCOFFSHORE Founder & former 2009 Mark Hahn Race Champion Mark Gerner and four-time Vet Master World Champion & Iron Man Triathlete KC Heidler take on the 2017 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile Race with th ...

Heidler was in the water for quite some time floating in the large wind waves with multiple (3) rescue craft the race staff called in and rushed to his vicinity to search for him based on a report from a spectator that there was “a racer in the... Heidler was staying on top of the large wind waves but encountered an anomaly wave that he attributes to a large gust of wind. “That's not what we came here for, we came to win” said Mark Gerner, “knowing that KC raced with a broken leg makes me respect my race partner that much more, he didn’t tap out, that’s outstanding and sheer mental toughness to continue on with a... ” Heidler states that the safety boats were very close to him aggressively looking for him per the race director's safety protocol but could not see him due to the large wind waves and white caps he was bobbing in. his white helmet was hard to see... Source: PWCOFFSHORE BLOG - PWC Endurance Racing

Power Boat P1
Los británicos Paur Sinclair y Richard Carr (HoneyParty.com) fueron los vencedores de esta carrera. Aquí les vemos paseando la bandera a cuadros. / The Britishers Paur Sinclair and Richard Carr (HoneyParty.com) were...
Photo by Contando Estrelas on Flickr
belfast maritime zapcat powerboatracingonthelagan
Power boat racing on the Lagan 576
Photo by the damascus one on Flickr
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Teign Sunshine - Gig "Teign Grace"
Views from the old quay at the back beach in Teignmouth on a sunny February 22 2014. Camera: Canon Power Shot A4000.
Photo by Sir Hectimere on Flickr