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Next came Liebeslied-Lieder, a musical and literary pun on Brahms’ famous Liebeslieder Waltzes for piano 4-hands and 4 voice parts. These two songs were very different, but both handled very ably by Mr. Pauls. As a composer, I listen to music differently than most people, and I will get to the music, but first I must congratulate the Flipside Artistic Triumverate of Judith Oatway, Dawn Bruch and Lisa Rumpel. The first (of many) things I liked about this performance of Manitoba-born composer John Greer’s songs, was the venue. However, this was a lighter, more playful side of Owen, one song about children “romping” in and out of love, the other ( Song of Songs) expressing thoughts about either a day, or a lifetime. There are many, many fabulous songs by John Greer to choose from, but I really felt that the songs chosen were so suited to each performer, like a glove. Source: The Opera Composer

Logan - Movie Review!

" performance out and really make you feel like you're watching a family member lose it. I was worried this wouldn't be enough like Old Man Logan at first, but I'm so glad it went in a different direction. The film slides so smoothly from action, to feels, to funny, to feels again and it keeps the film at a 10 (or 5 in our case) at every point. Source: CherrySue, Doin' the Do

The fish that stops ships

Fouling of hulls by attachment of barnacles and other living organisms is known to reduce performance and the scraping down of hulls is familiar to many boat owners. they therefore conclude that the remora can stop a ship, whereas actually it attaches itself to the ship because the soft and tender delaying matter is attractive to remoras. Remoras feed over the surface of their hosts and are commonly held to eat parasites attached to scales, gills, or other body parts [5]. While analysis of the gut contents of several species of remoras confirms this diet, it is worth pointing out... Having acquired the disc from the modified dorsal fin spines, further small-scale modifications in some remoras, such as the development of spinules, increased their powers of adhesion [3]. An attached remora must resist drag forces provided by... Source: Natural History, Creation and Religious Conflicts

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Three-masted barque Kaskelot of Bristol (1948) & Arnolfini building, City Docks, Bristol 10.12.2013 003
Kaskelot is the flagship of the Square Sail fleet and is based out of her homeport of Charlestown, Cornwall, UK (though registered to Bristol). She is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden...
Photo by Gillett's Crossing on Flickr
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Havengore, historic Thames riverboat
Transport Charter, part of Train Chartering, offers the exclusive charter of the Havengore during the 2012 Olympic Games. Text based on material from Havengore. “In one historic vessel, Havengore uniquely combines...
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Future Music Festival 2011
Future Music Festival in Sydney beats a day at the races, by Eva Rinaldi The Sydney leg of the Future Music Festival had been considerably hyped up for weeks, but I'm pleased to report that for the most part the...