Oyster Boats

Heavenly Huon Valley — Castle Forbes Bay, Australia

On a short walk before we went out for some dinner we saw many little rabbits scurrying around the place and also little pademelons. Well it was lovely to arrive at Donalea at Castle Forbes Bay. River was lovely and we bought the most gorgeous late season cherries at $12 per kilo and they are delicious. The garden is large and just beautiful with some beautiful old trees as well as all the stuff he has added. Quite an interesting drive down the coast passing through Swansea and Great Oyster Bay which is sheltered by the Freycinet Peninsula. Don goes out most days in the season and gathers them for the breakfasts and they freeze whatever they don't use fresh or for jam etc. Next day, following our lovely breakfast we headed down to Geeveston then into the forest where there is a magnificent elevated walk through the majestic trees. What a treat for us. As well as the blackberries on the breakfast table was a large bowl of the luscious late season cherries - huge and dark and sweet and another bowl of blueberries strawberries and grapes. And her homemade bread - lovely fruit bread that toasted well and of course all the homemade jams. Our home for the night was at Castle Forbes Bay which is between Huonville and Port Huon on the Western side of the Huon River. Source: TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com

The Trouble with Hobbies

You hit a bridge and rip the top off your boat the first time you take it out. You begin to form an idea of the boat you should really go for – and it is not one of the bargain basement jobs you first saw. It now turns into an all-consuming hobby with the goal of having a boat on the river at the end of the year. Maybe you’ve never owned a boat before, but having seen one chug by on the river you have thought “I’d love to do that. You might just about be able to stretch to a boat that would put you in the lower echelons of boat ownership but, importantly, not on the very lowest rung. Before you have even owned a boat, you become aware of the hierarchy of boat owners, and the boats that would render you a laughing stock if you owned them. Source: The Rational Audiophile

Exploring Further Afield

Our first adventure took us to a beach close to our accommodations called Sunset Beach. This area is famous for its lobster and oyster fisheries and we saw some of the rickety boats used for this. Again a beautiful beach with huge waves met us. It was very hot so we found a shady restaurant to have a late lunch as we watched the waves crash ashore. Source: adventurer

boats whitstable
Oyster Boats
Photo by Lil Shepherd on Flickr
boats harbour whitstable
Oyster Fishing Boats
Photo by Lil Shepherd on Flickr
oyster boat
by Nancy Follini, Milford, CT
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