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Each Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestler's Chance at a National Title in 2017

That alone puts them in a pretty deep hole, and two of their other qualifiers are unranked, so those guys putting up major points seems unlikely. 141 is a deep weight class, so there are going to be nothing but tough matches, but Carton has shown enough that he might be able to pull off some upsets and make some noise. It wouldn't be totally shocking if he put together a strong Big Ten performance to qualify for the NCAAs, but even if he makes it, he will not be favored in any of his matches once he gets there. He's continued to do enough by beating guys he should beat at 165 in close matches and even pulled off a good win against Nick Wanzek of Minnesota. Even as an eternal optimist for the Iowa Hawkeyes, their chances at winning the team national title are incredibly slim. Unfortunately, the guy with the best name on the team probably doesn't have the best chances at making a dent at the NCAA Tournament. Otherwise, he has given guys fits, and even though he's still working on coming out on top, he's the type of guy who could pull off a big upset at the NCAAs. Source: Uncensored Writing


The deeper problem is that all these memories of disappointments The ultimate truth is that Sanjay will never be able to remove the frustrations of his life, but Sanjay could, perhaps, if he is wise – learn to change what frustration mean to him. Source: AK Mishra's Art of Success | Motivational Speaker

Toru: Wayfarer Returns by Stephanie R. Sorensen - Guest Post and Giveaway

Years ago, I spent several years living in Japan, learning to speak and read Japanese, living with Japanese families and working with Japanese colleagues. I stumbled into steampunk as a movement and literary genre purely accidentally, when I Googled “Victorian dress” to find something to wear to a local Victorian dress ball here in Leadville, Colorado. I dabbled in gaslight romances, steampunk action-adventure and steampunk alternate histories. One could imagine, for example, inverting steampunk’s optimism to write a dystopian steampunk novel, where all the lovely technology and gadgets. Along the way, I read several dozen steampunk novels, from the works by the “founding fathers” of steampunk literature like Tim Powers, K. W. Jeters and James P. Blaylock to more recent works like Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century. One thing led to another and I wound up giving an hour-long presentation to my neighbors on Steampunks, Neo-Victorian Futurism and the Maker Movement and shocking and/or offending them by informing them they were accidental steampunks, as it is... Steampunk romance, steampunk action-adventure, steampunk fantasy, steampunk alternate history…all these different flavors create very different reading experiences. Source: Mixed Book Bag

sea boat optimist mölle
Photo by Infomastern on Flickr
Optis sailing in the Columbia Gorge
Photo by dinghyman on Flickr
sailing optimist marlborough sounds dinghy
Summertime Sailing
Youngsters having fun in the sun in Queen Charlotte Sound.
Photo by SidPix on Flickr