Old Wooden Boat

Mutiny on Channel 4: What's it all about and when does it start?

When does Mutiny start on Channel 4. The start date for Mutiny on Channel 4 has been revealed as Monday, March 6 at 9PM. The show will run for a total of five episodes. Well it's going to be one epic show as Channel 4 challenges a group of today's men to recreate the Mutiny on the Bounty of 1789. The unique experiment will see the men having to recreate one of the greatest feats of human adventure and endurance... In Channel 4's Mutiny, a total of nine 21st century men will out on the same gruelling journey in a replica 23ft open wooden boat, with similar equipment and the same rations of food and water that Bligh’s men had. Source: TellyMix

Sampling Dayak arts and cultures in Kalimantan Barat

One of the most impressive Dayak arts are the engravings found on the pillars, walls and roofs of the museums and buildings the tour group visited. Stephen Beda, who is from Kanowit and made the trip with his good friend Edward Nyallau, commented that the tours of four museums in Pontianak were really educational for the Dayaks from Sarawak. A fellow passenger from Miri, Johnathan Pengiran told thesundaypost during the cruise: “For three days and three nights, all of us are living like one family. In fact, when this cruise was proposed, many Indonesians were intrigued but this did not stop three participants from Jakarta from signing up. The specially chartered, refurbished 200-tonne Kapal Bandong, Mitra Baru, ferried the 60-odd passengers... Both the cruise leaders — First Malaysian Infantry Division Commander Major General Datuk Stephen Mundaw, and a leading Sarawak pemancha, Datuk Pemancha Janggu Banyang — are Dayak Ibans as well. The wooden Bandong is a traditional cargo boat that used to ply the Kapuas before the 70s when there were no roads linking the interior to the Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) capital of Pontianak. TWO Dayak community leaders led 55 Dayak participants from Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah on a challenging three-day, three-night 1,143km Bandong boat cruise from Danau Santaruk down the Batang Kapuas to Pontianak recently. Source: BorneoPost Online | Borneo , Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News

Pulau Ketam - 吉胆岛

I have an opportunity to stay there for a 3D2N when we went for filming for the upcoming Channel 8 - Fresh Farmers 2. Malaysians may probably know of this Island but I am totally clueless about it not until I set foot on the island. Source: xavvy-licious

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Beached Boat
A day of rest for this old wooden boat. Found in one of the coastal towns in the Algarve region of Portugal.
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Anchored on...
Old wooden boat gave me a nice story ...... © Prachanart Viriyaraks
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Boat at sea
an old wooden boat at sea
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