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Hurt People Hurt People in the Lovely Julieta

Suarez – who won the film’s lone Goya – anchors the film. Then she runs into a younger woman from her past named Bea ( Michelle Jenner ), who informs Julieta that she ran into the older woman’s long-estranged daughter, Antia. Given that we are receiving Julieta’s history through her own lens, it makes sense that these stunning individuals would be cast in their parts, lending a bit of a rose-colored hue to an otherwise torrid background. This sends Julieta into a personal tailspin: she cancels her plans with Lorenzo, moves back into her old apartment, and begins writing her life story/apology to Antia in a book. Xoan has a close relationship with a beautiful sculptor named Ava ( Inma Cuesta ), one that involves not a small amount of platonic boning, which pisses off Julieta when Xoan slips up in hiding his indiscretion. Source: Mind Equals Blown

A Disappointment of Dads: Logan is Just Alright

The mom tells the little girl she looks like a model, like Marilyn Monroe. There have been no new mutant births, and the old guard have been hunted down or wiped out in the vaguely described Westchester Incident. Logan is a bit like a little girl wandering around a perfumed closet, trying on lipstick and glittery stiletto heels, clumsily stomping around in costume jewelry before posing dramatically in front of adoring parents. The movie follows Logan, clearly near the end of his life span, taking care of an aging and demented Charles Xavier when his perfect plan for suicide is abruptly put on the back burner by the introduction of his unknown child and a comic book... The world is grim, at least the parts of the American desert that Logan finds himself. And for every step it takes away from the X-Men universe it seems to be avoiding, it still manages to have all of the plot contrivances and holes that seem to populate most of the X-Men movies. Laura, his daughter, is part of a new group of mutants and their safety is only guaranteed far from the shady Mexican lab where they were conceived and brought up. Logan is fine. If all you wanted from a Wolverine movie was to watch Logan slice through a bunch of dudes like a very fine set of Benihana knives, then you’ve got it in this movie. Source: Unwinnable

ocean old sea boot boat mar ecuador meer wasser barco sailor 海 2009 marino segelboot puna bote velero sailer guayas segler 帆船 posorja flickraward diamondclassphotographer nikonflickraward
Sailor, Isla Puna, Gayaquil, Ecuador
Sailor between Isla Puna and Posorja, Guays, Ecuador To see more of the Isla Puna see in the group see the tips in the Ecuador Photoguide. To see more of Ecuador see the group called Ecuador Photoguide. Dolphin...
Photo by Rinaldo W. on Flickr
canon photography eos fishing image picture 5d cote basque biarritz hendaye pêche markiii anglet fontarabie potd:country=fr
https://www.twin-loc.fr Bateaux dans le port de Fontarabie Pays Basque Espagne - Boats in Fontarabie harbor. Euskadi Spain - Picture Image Photography Photo water eau atlantique ocean atlantic
www.twin-loc.fr La côte basque ou Euskal Kostaldea en basque désigne le littoral compris entre l'embouchure de l'Adour à Anglet (France) et Muskiz à l'ouest de Bilbao (Espagne). Elle est baignée par la mer...
Photo by www.twin-loc.fr on Flickr
houses holland netherlands cheese boats wooden fishing shoes tour harbour sony trafalgar free dennis jarvis stores volendam iamcanadian freepicture dennisjarvis archer10 dennisgjarvis nex7 18200diiiivc
Netherlands-4344 - Old Dutch Fishing Boats
PLEASE,NO invitations or self promotions, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks. Volendam is a town in North Holland in the Netherlands....
Photo by archer10 (Dennis) 91M Views on Flickr