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Alive Marine Phytoplankton Scam. Marine phytoplankton scam is possibly one of the newest scams in the era of the food supplements. Phytoplankton refers to the lower group of the plant species available and grown in the sea water.

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Marine phytoplankton is one substance I take daily for its liver supporting, methylation enhancing, and cell regeneration benefits.

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You, or anyone, or anything else on Earth wouldn’t be ALIVE without this one-microscopic life-source, found in the ocean?

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To create the ‘Ocean’s Alive’ liquid nutrient combination, the live marine phytoplankton is harvested into a powerful centrifuge that spins the water out from around the cells but leaves the water within the cells protecting the valuable life energy.

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Images from data collected from satellites show densities of phytoplankton in the Atlantic Ocean. Red shows where phytoplankton is densest, followed by yellow, green, blue and violet where it is least dense.