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Catch Crappie Now at Lake of the Ozarks

Crappie are the mot popular panfish in most parts of the country. People who vacation here, or have a condo like to fish in warmer weather for the most part. ” I met Uxa at the lake a couple of weeks ago to spend the day with him, both bass and crappie fishing. Both Goff and Uxa agree that winter time is a great time to crappie fish. He swung the first crappie of the day into the boat. Crappie after crappie fell to his technique. Uxa methodically worked his way around the dock, flipping his Bobby Garland Baby Shad jig into openings between the dock floats. ” Dock owners expect anglers to fish around their docks. “Lake of the Ozarks is home to thousands of boat docks,” says Uxa. ” Uxa positioned his Nitro boat facing the corner of a dock. “And many of those boat docks have brush placed around them put there by the dock owners. Source: OUTSIDE AGAIN ADVENTURES