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You sit in silence scanning the waters for some sign as to where the whale, now diving deep in preparation for a breach, may have gone. Nikon D800. Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2. 8 Di VC USD @ 300 mm. 1/250 sec, f/8. 0, ISO 200. For more images like this, please visit my Facebook page:. The photos and words hardly do them justice, but try to imagine sitting in a relatively small, open boat, about a kilometer from the coast, rolling on the Pacific Ocean swells, watching the dark waves rolling around you. Source: Ed Lehming Photography

Not without You.

Rohan was her Office Colleague. Ruchika on another hand cursing herself on why did she didn't acknowledge him till now. This is what working class promise every week to catch up on life over the weekend but usually miss the target. People were late to their respective offices after unsuccessfully trying to catch up on everything on weekend including Rest. Society want's everyone to settle down I guess marriage was created by someone who was too depressed with his life. Her struggles with life include juggling office and her Parents. Ruchika, however, was unsure, fully determine to marry someone her parents chose. Its Ploy to get everyone on the same boat. Society is monster everyone is scared of. The level of acceptability is always one level higher. Source: You Only Live Once

Sarcophagus of King Seti (or Sety) I

In the Book of Gates the Under World is divided into twelve portions, which were equated with twelve hours of the night. Smashing was necessitated by the method of securing the cover to the lower part, a method commonly used in royal burials, but which however seems to have been ineffectual against determined robbers. Ra, the Sun-god, was believed to die every night and his dead body was carried through the Under World in a boat. The walls and most of the roofs of Seti's tomb are painted or sculptured with various religious texts and emblems, the chief of which illustrates the journey of the sun through the world of Night and thick Darkness. The method was this: grooves were cut in the thickness of the walls of the lower part of the sarcophagus and similar grooves at the same distance apart were cut in the thickness of the sides of the cover. The alabaster sarcophagus of Seti I was discovered in the tomb of that Pharaoh by Giovanni Battista Belzoni in October 1817. The tomb itself is the most magnificent of that splendid series of rock-cut tombs in which the Pharaohs were buried during... Source: KEMET

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Monster cranes
Click to view in Lightbox. . Some of the sights one sees from the SeaBus and from the North Shore.. Have a great 1st of May and thanks for dropping by.
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