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The long-tail boat, (Thai: เรือหางยาว; RTGS: ruea hang yao) is a type of watercraft native to Southeast Asia, which uses a common automotive engine as a readily available and maintainable powerplant.

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Long tail boats and outboards offer a selection of direct drive motor kits and accessories as well as a selection of shallow water craft that will get you places few others can. Long tail boats are the 4x4 of the water.

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A long-tail boat is a boat which has an engine mounted on it’s stern, the engine and propeller shaft are able to swivel through more than 180 degrees, the defining feature of the Thai Long-tail boat is the length of it’s propeller shaft, the propeller shaft of a Longtail boat is usually 2 meters or more in length.

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The longtail boat was not over packed like most of them are that leave from phiphi, there was 8 people on our boat while people we spoke to who took a different trip said they were on similar boats...

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A Thai longtail boat (Rua hang yao / เรือหางยาว) is a traditional wood built boat that is commonly seen on beaches in southern Thailand. Longtail boats, like tuk tuks are a favourite for tourist photos, they are iconic and uniquely distinctive.