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Asia’s Precarious Rise

But this impressive ascent has not reconfigured world affairs, and it is unlikely to. The more important Asia has become on the global stage, the more glaring have its flaws become. Most Japanese have a comparatively high standard of living, but decades of stimulus packages and a focus on exports have failed to nudge Japan beyond an average annual growth rate of barely 1%, according to World Bank data. The country’s health and welfare ministry and other experts worry that the number of Japanese, which stood at 127 million in 2014, could fall by as much as a third by 2060. One result of this failure to reproduce is that Japan, according to the U.... Elderly women walk through a shopping district in Tokyo, Japan, June 16, 2015. A U. N. report calls Japan ‘home to the world’s most aged population. Even if Asia’s economies do muddle through, we must prepare for a far less economically energetic region than we are used to. Asia’s Japan began losing population in 2011, after decades of dropping birthrates, according to World Bank data. Source: Föhrenbergkreis Finanzwirtschaft

Asia's Other Revisionist Power

In 2012, to the dismay of Tokyo and Washington, Beijing declared an air defense identification zone over the Senkaku Islands (known in China as the Diaoyu Islands), which are currently controlled by Japan but which China also claims, requiring... For example, Yang Yanyi, Chinas ambassador to the European Union, wrote [6] in a 2016 op-ed that China has enjoyed sovereignty over the South China Sea Island. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator and to respond to its theft of American trade secrets and unfair subsidy behavior by levying a 45 percent tariff on Chinese exports [2]. As president-elect, he reversed... He has pursued assertive policies in the East China and South China Seas, appearing to reject both the territorial status quo in East Asia and the role of international law in adjudicating disputes [4]. Many observers now believe that efforts to... Chinese policymakers point out that the nine-dash line, a demarcation of Chinese claims that runs along the edge of the South China Sea, has appeared on Chinese maps since the 1940s. Chinas relevant claims have never exceeded the scope of the... Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg


Besides her loves and hates, Ronni dwells in Mompiche’s history of pirate theft, community drama, and sting ray incidents. Meeting a town is like meeting a person. Ronni loves the man in the wheel chair who sells ice, the neighbor who gives her fresh milk, the beautiful Argentinian woman who bakes cakes, some select fisherman and the new expat Canadian family who sells “Cheese Bombs. Source: In the Richness of the Everyday

turkey legacy supershot awardtree
Photo by kenny barker on Flickr
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Two Boats (DSC_0125_6_7)
Photo by Schristia on Flickr
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Lifeboats at North Kessock Black Isle Ross & Cromarty Scotland
1,000 views on 13th October 2013 Invergordon lifeboat - Trent Class ALB (All Weather Lifeboat) named "Douglas Aikman Smith " - eefectively "takes a bow" as she passes by the assembled public at...
Photo by conner395 on Flickr