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Freshwater fishing boats come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny one-man self-propelled craft to snazzy bass boats that are juiced up with hundreds of horsepower. If you’re interested in buying a boat for fishing in sweetwater, you’ll have countless to choose from and many decisions to make. How ...

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Lake Fishing Boat Accessories. Once you are out on the lake for a day of fishing, the last thing you want is to realize you left an important piece of gear (or your lunch) back on shore.

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Bass Lake Fishing. Bass Lake has excellent year-round fishing. Rent a fishing boat and return with dinner. You can catch Bass (can you believe it?), Crappie, Trout, Catfish, Sunfish, Perch, and fresh water Salmon (Kokanee). Come on by and rent some poles or bring some poles and see why it’s called ‘BASS LAKE’.

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All-purpose fishing boats are an ideal choice for the angler looking for a versatile boat capable of a wide variety of tasks. All-purpose models typically feature a deeper-V boat bottom, or “hull, and have higher sides for protection compared to their low-slung, bass boat counterparts.

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Fishing Boat Reviews. Fishing boats come in all shapes and sizes for both freshwater and saltwater purposes. They range from small kayaks meant for freshwater lakes and streams to full-on trawlers and sport fishing boats.