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Vintage Barthes- Mythologies

I’m guessing during this week Barthes read a book critique he didn’t like. The army is run by a bunch of puppets, to an order with a hierarchy, however someone joins up and gets turned from average into another member of the army, which they learn to follow with a zeal. Then purporting to know none of these (which is supposed to draw the reader of the critique in), whilst still critiquing on a book. This essay is dealing with artifice, the obvious sign shouting from the rooftops and having little meaning, whereas the subtle use of signs (the flag in Chinese theatre) to highlight an overlooked aspect. The structure is essays written one a week over a 2 year period, and from the first, it seems like its the Bill Bryson article that used to be at the start of the weeks TV guide in the Mail on Saturday. At this point he notices the text understands the reader better than the reader understands the text. He looks at 2 washing powders and the words used in their adverts, assimilating the actions of washing as being the same as those of a washerwoman and their difference as a powder from a cream. The church, narrow minded about those outside of the faith yet protective of this within it. Then skips to a margarine advert that tries to persuade you your prejudice against the product is wrong in the same way Barthes arguments with the army... Source: Megan Cheetham

Mommy and Mini : Lips and Lashes

I love taking pictures of my daughter and are always being told by friends and fam how they love my pictures I post on Facebook & Insta but guys it's not easy, there's a huge amount of patience that's needed to take pics of my busy little girl. This time for this photoshoot it went as far as I wil take you on the boat, yes you read right, I had to take her on a boat. Source: Shiny Sequins Blog

12 GREAT PLACE IN MELAKA | Malacca daytrip trick | #101destination

Tol fees from rawang ( i took my mom at my brothers house ) around RM23 (If i not mistaken ). Our first place is. jeng jeng jeng. Blog ini sama sekali tidak berkait dengan mana mana individu selagi NAMA individu tersebut tidak dinyatakan. I tried Asam Pedas Daging Tetel and Asam Pedas Pari. Asam pedas melaka doesnt taste belacan and its more soft than asam pedas Johor. If you guys HATE asam pedas , please come here because Asam pedas claypot make you cannot sleep at night. my little sister like never and hate asam pedas most also eat asam pedas here because its super delicious. Source: SleepingBeauty

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Yamaha AR Series Light Bar Kit with Interior LED Lights
Make docking at night more convenient with this light bar kit for your AR210 or AR240 Boat. It includes three 55-watt halogen lights for docking and even has four ultra-bright blue LED lights facing down to light the...
Photo by Yamaha WaterCraft on Flickr
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Wet Sounds XS-65 6.5 Inch Coaxial Speaker
The XS-65 is 6.5 inch component style coaxial speaker with a silver grill, and an injection molded composite core and horn flare mylar tweeter. It provides for loud, clear and crisp sound throughout the entire boat.
Photo by Yamaha WaterCraft on Flickr
boat jet lifestyle yamaha boataccessories yamahaboats yamahaar240 yamahaar210
Tower Mirror Kit for the AR240 and AR210
This tower mirror kit allows you to keep an eye on your riders. It attaches easily to any Yamaha AR series boat tower with 1-7/8" outside diameter round tubing. The aluminum bracket is machined from T-6061 billet...
Photo by Yamaha WaterCraft on Flickr