Hydraulic Steering Boat

2017 first boat ride on the beautiful Potomac River - Johnson 90 hp

2017 first boat ride - took my boat out on the beautiful Potomac River for a test drive after 4 improvements in 2016. . Fixed my reverse steering after installing the Hydraulic steering system. Source: New DIY everyday

25 Most Memorable Cars From Movies

Most people don’t know that there are typically multiple versions of the same car used in a film, all designed for different purposes and achieved via varying build levels. The Avengers prefer Acuras, which were used both as government fleet vehicles and as Tony Stark’s supercar toward the end of the first film, which turned out to be nothing more than a 1991 Acura NSX with numerous external upgrades. Car culture and film have become so synonymous with one another that it is often difficult to reference one without thinking of the other. Source: The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet

packard 901 worldcars
Packard 901 Sedan (1932)
Cascais Classic Motorshow, Cascais, Portugal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia PRODUCTSAUTOMOBILE Packard was an American luxury automobile marque built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan,...
Photo by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr