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Gasifier Powered Mini-Grid in Myanmar: A Successful Public-Private Partnership driven by Private Investments.

This is primarily because, the local electricity tariff is rather high at $ 0. 44/kWh however there was a complete willingness to pay these higher tariffs for electricity which was reliable and of better quality. The electricity supply is much more reliable currently with the current system without voltage and frequency variations which in the past have resulted in damages to electrical equipment. Once we left the village hall and the electricity committee, we could see electricity making a significant difference at homes and at the village market place. Homemakers seemed very happy with the reliable electricity and use electric rice cookers and electric frying pans and. Source: Random thoughts on clean energy and climate change

Derecktor building hybrid vessel to haul farm products

7 engines connected to 26″ wheels to power the boat along coastal areas at a 15-knot running speed. , Mamaroneck, N. Y. , is building a 62’x21′ aluminum, hybrid-powered organic market delivery vessel (OMDV) for Harbor Harvest, Norwalk, Conn. In an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint, Derecktor has teamed up with Harbor Harvest to create an eco-friendly marine coastal network that will integrate a retail space along with the support of the organic farm market in the Connecticut/Long... Source: New products and trends in the Boating and Maritime sector

European Yachts vs. American Yachts: What’s the Difference?

Plenty of builders in the United States, Europe, and beyond turn out fantastic yachts, though when it comes to super-sized custom yachts, the European yards continue to be considered by many to be the best of the best, all around the world. Source: www.yachtworld.com

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Cam's floating punts
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Photo by juandesant on Flickr
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BERNARDUS . video http://youtu.be/aoosF-b6aUA
IJmuiden 3-6-2014
Photo by kees torn on Flickr
The hybrid cruise boat
Photo by fakepunju on Flickr