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Famous blue whale gets own show at Royal Ontario Museum

The Trout River whale quickly bloated as it started decomposing while floating on the local beach, thanks to a buildup of gas. You can’t just pack up a 100-tonne whale onto a truck, so crews had to move it by water, towing it with a boat. Pictures of the inflated whale made international news with the BBC , CNN , among others, all wondering out loud: Could the blue whale explode. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans said the blue whale population in the western North Atlantic is estimated at about 250, so these dead blue whales represented about four per cent of the mammals. Whales are big business in Trout River — mainly for watching the living ones — but this dead blue whale became a tourist attraction that nobody really wanted around. “Normally we advertise whales to get people to come,” Jenny Parsons, owner of the Seaside Restaurant, said in April 2014. “The restaurant is right on the beach, and we often have whales in the cove frolicking about, but we don’t want a dead whale... Source: - The Newfoundland Tricolour

Streaky Bay

It was early afternoon when we arrived at the Streaky Bay Caravan Park which is situated on the beach and has an unpowered area right on the water where you just choose a position to suit. This would be a great place to stay if you had a boat, with a calm bay and easy access to the open ocean it seems like a fisherman’s paradise. The Westall Way loop and the Cape Bauer loop take you to rugged coastline, beautiful bays, blowholes, surfing beaches, sand dunes and the most stunning cliff top views you will see anywhere. Just near the Yanerbie sign there is a dirt track that goes to a small car park where you have a view of Yanerbie Beach which is an incredibly stunning white sand beach that is backed by large sand dunes and curves around disappearing into the... Source: Travellerspoint Travel Blogs

Our Trip to the Fascinating Island of Andros — Andros, Bahamas

On Saturday, February 11, we departed Sampson Cay at 0710 and headed westward across the Great Bahama Bank for Green Cay with an east wind at our stern. For multiple weeks to come there would be an absence of easterly trade winds due to a lingering "HI" over the central Bahamas bringing moderate to light winds to the latitudes we would be visiting—just what we wanted to hear. If you read our prior blog entry you will remember that we hoped to visit Andros, one of the last islands we had yet to visit in the Bahamas, some time in the mid-February to mid-March timeframe. The impact of a lingering HI over our latitudes meant that the velocity of wind could often be moderate enough not only to enjoy snorkeling exposed reef areas--Donna’s favorite pastime--but also explore the island flats renown for world-class... The east coast of Andros with its third largest barrier reef in the world largely leaves the cruiser exposed to the prevailing easterly wind and can restrict the ability to enjoy the island's features with its limited protected-from-east-wind... From the Andros Visitors Guide: “Andros Island, the largest of the 26 inhabited Bahamian islands is geo-politically considered a single island, with a land mass greater than all the other 700 Bahamian islands combined. Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

sea boat
Fishermans boat
Photo by Vertyg0 on Flickr
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DGJ_1081 - Fishermen die here also...
PLEASE, no multi invitations (none is better) in your comments. Thanks. A small shrine built for the protection of fishermen. Vietnam
Photo by archer10 (Dennis) 91M Views on Flickr
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Fishermans boat
Photo by Kullez on Flickr