Elgin Boat Motor

Abacos February 2017

All in all we made great time, Mango not as fast as Fracas but we made it. I thank Greg and MaryLynn for their radio company overnight and their help spotting squalls with the radar. Another deciding factor we had not thought of was the fact that the wind picked up in the anchorage and Fracas had a near miss with an unmanned motor cruiser Great Scot. We laid the anchor down shortly after 10:15 AM in Big Sale Cay southern anchorage in 7 feet of water so clear I watched the anchor set. Seas did lay down a bit from the entrance but we pounded into the waves all night sometimes motor sailing to make a bit more south tracks to accommodate the effects of the gulf stream pushing us north. While watching the sun set 3 more boats appeared and set down anchor in the harbor. A still night came quickly with the appearance of no-see-um’s I abandoned my night sky viewing and went below decks to read a book by a friend from Elgin. It didn’t appear that the boat is salvageable anyhow or if it was the bill would be worth more than the boat. Source: Sailing Last Mango

The Fascinating Tale of Subhash Chandra Bose’s Secret Submarine Journey from Germany to Japan

Photo Source Bose firmly believed that only an armed uprising could free India from the tyranny of the British. Photo Source In the end, a disappointed Bose decided to leave for Japan towards the end of 1942. By then, Imperial Japan had conquered Burma (now Myanmar). Photo Source The year was 1941. The day January 16. From 38/2, Elgin Road, at the dead of night, a man quietly slipped out, speeding away in an Audi Wanderer W24 with a dream in his heart and a master plan ticking in his mind. Netaji wanted them to be trained to the highest standards of the German army, so that they could form an elite fighting force which would enter India from Afghanistan at the head of a combined German-Russian-Italian-Indian army of liberation. Once in Germany, Netaji had two objectives: the first, to set up an Indian government-in-exile, and the second, to create the Azad Hind Fauj, or “Legion Freies Indien”, a force of 50,000 Indian troops, mainly from Indian prisoners-of-war captured... In April 1941, India and the world were stunned when Germany’s Goebbel’s radio service announced: India’s most popular leader had arrived in Berlin to ask for Hitler’s help to deliver India from British rule. Source: The Better India

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Inverness-shire Constabulary 1925
This photograph was taken during the inspection visit of Lt Col Sir Arthur G Ferguson, His Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland., and shows all the officers from the Inverness (“Home”) Division of the...
Photo by conner395 on Flickr