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Diving Deep With The Energy Field Of The Pisces New Moon And Solar Eclipse

Be aware that if it serves the higher good of your personal life and spiritual development, than one or the other situation could end with a big boom under the influence of this New Moon field. Authentically standing up for our truth and no longer allowing injustice or imbalance to rule the human race – and any other species as horrible side effect of the horror show we have created – is the task given by this Pisces New Moon and Solar... It’s not the time anymore to feel sorry for ourselves or walk in the painful past of our ancestors – now its the time to walk our talk and create the compassionate, loving and united world we want to see for ourselves and all future generations. A shadow side that the coming energy field can bring to the surface, is the idea that bullying and overpowering others would be the tools of the strong, so check your core values, your own feelings of entitlement and if there is such a concept as... Just about ready to take a deep breath after the intense energy field of the Leo Full Moon on the 10th/11th of February, are we now meeting a Pisces New Moon with Solar Eclipse influence on February 26th. This will be another powerful and also... Source: New Beginnings Guatemala

Orange Beach to New Orleans

It was a very nice day for the 20 some mile run across to New Orleans. After Biloxi we moved to Bay St. Louis where we would spend a week before entering Lake Pontchartrain. The first day was our longest travel day across the bottom of Mobile Bay and into the Mississippi sound and conditions were fine. Neither Jill or I are big casino folks but it was a nice stop and we got out a bit to celebrate Jill's birthday on the 31st. Mobile Bay has some gas platforms along the bottom but not enough to worry about and crossing the ship channel was no... We got safely into a marina in Slidell where we planned to spend 2 nights until we found out the Mardi Gras boat parade started from here Saturday morning. We wisely left the boat and took cover in a bar where we were glued to the weather on TV. It got ugly as the line came through but no tornado and no damage to our boat. Source: Chasing 80

Things to Do with Your Ministry Partners

eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) is written mainly with Cru global staff in mind, but this site will, hopefully, encourage any and every Christian to use new-to-you technologies and applications for ministry. Source: eQuipping for eMinistry

Eclipse Boat
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Celebrity Eclipse [IMO 9404314]
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doing it's James Bond thing....
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