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Each feature has been added with your convenience in mind. Most of these innovative features come standard with all Hyde Drift Boat trailers. At the Hyde Drift Boat manufacturing facility we build our own trailers and guarantee they are always made with the highest craftsmanship and quality.

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DRIFT BOAT TRAILERS Premium Pro Galvanized (1): 3 Sealed Ball-Bearing Urethane Rollers (includes Beavertail roller for easier & smoother loading & unloading) (2) Larger Wheel Well Step (3) 15″ Tires 6-ply (4) Built-In Space for Spare Tire TorFlex Suspension. Length 16’5″ • Weight 440-lbs. Standard Galvanized. 2 Sealed Ball-Bearing ...

Deluxe Galvy Drift Boat Trailer

ClackaCraft Drift Boat Trailers are built with the ClackaCraft Over-Do principle in mind. All our trailers are constructed from 1/8-inch steel tubing which is thoroughly cleaned and primed with an acid-etch primer before the high quality black paint is applied.

Drift Boat Trailer Plans and Accessories

We are pleased to offer Custom Built Drift Boat Trailers, Custom Made Drift Boat Trailer Rollers and other Custom Made Accessories. If you would like to build your own trailer rather than buy a factory built trailer. We can assist you with your design and design requirements.

Drift Boat Trailer Build: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Drift Boat Trailer Build: We purchased a used aluminum drift boat a couple years ago, which has been great to float white water to flat water. The fully outfitted boat and trailer only cost about $3000 and was water ready. We've enjoyed countless fishing, crabbing, and ...