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Cougar Custom Boats . Cougar Custom Boats has had a great reputation for building high-end, high-performance tunnel boats. Call 505-401-1010 to have one of these boats built for you.

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Cougar Marine USA was established in 2000, by the owner of one of the nation's largest custom fiberglass and composites firms who, for over 40 years, had designed and manufactured everything from 250 mph top fuel drag hydroplanes to F-16 driver safety capsules; from military projects to recreational boats and everything in-between, without ever so much as incurring a single warranty claim!

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Cougar Catamarans is recognised worldwide as a leader in catamaran design having produced boats/catamarans in fibreglass and aluminum since 1969.

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Cougar Catamaran 8 (also available as a 10m boat) The cougar cat is available with 2 wheelhouse options to suit every need! The larger wheelhouse version has a 9 foot by 8 foot wheelhouse which is ideal for charter angling and diving applications, whilst the smaller wheelhouse version is ideal for the commercial fisherman as it provides the maximum amount of deck space.

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New and Used Bass Cat Boats on We offer the best selection of boats to choose from.