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EU: Revealed: exported EU animals subject to abuse and illegal conditions.

that transport and loading equipment must be designed, maintained and operated so as to avoid injury and suffering, and that transport is carried out without delay and at the minimum possible length. that “a diverging interpretation of [protection of animals in transport] rules may result in market distortions which, combined with reduced profit margins and different administrative costs, could put a transport business operator in a difficult... In early 2016, animal rights groups Tierschutzbund Zürich, the AWF and Eyes on Animals presented the commission with a 1,000 page report detailing hundreds of cases of illegal treatment of animals being transported over land between Europe and... Since the entry in to force of Animal rights groups including the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and Tierschutzbund Zürich believe that financial motives drive many export and transport enterprises to breach European animal protection... Source: Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Types of New York Auto Industry Professions

Like used car dealers, new dealers must purchase a surety bond as part of the licensing process. New car dealers also submit their application on the same form as used car dealers. Prior to the passage of Assembly Bill 8166, used auto dealers needed a $10,000 surety bond if they sold 200 or fewer cars, and those who sold 201 or more cars needed a $25,000 bond. Franchised and Used Auto Dealers There are many similarities in the way franchised and used auto dealers are licensed , but there are some important differences as well. Wholesale dealers cannot sell cars retail, but retail car dealers can sell cars wholesale. Boat dealer Transporter ATV dealer Yacht broker Boat dealers buy, sell or trade only boats. 50 or fewer cars sold in the previous calendar year—$20,000 surety bond 51 or more cars sold in the previous calendar year—$100,000 surety bond First-time used car dealer applicants will purchase the $20,000 surety bond. Source: Surety Bond Insider

The €25,000 bill for moving paintings and artworks when Irish Ambassador to Vienna moved five miles to new €8,964-a-month home

An invoice for €25,504 after VAT was included was issued by the National Gallery for the big move for “transport of works from Ambassador of Ireland’s old to new residence in Vienna”. The Department of Foreign Affairs said they had in place an agreement with the National Gallery and Irish Museum of Modern Art for the “loan and care of national art work”. The transport bills are part of more than €130,000 spent by the Department of Foreign Affairs on “items of artistic value” in 2015, more than half of which related to transport. THE Department of Foreign Affairs spent more than €25,000 moving paintings and other artwork when the Irish Ambassador to Vienna moved to a new diplomatic residence five miles away. They said: “As part of that agreement, the Department is responsible for the transportation and insurance of these art works using qualified and specialist art transporters to ensure their safety. Source: No Expenses Spared

canon photography eos fishing image picture 5d cote basque biarritz hendaye pêche markiii anglet fontarabie potd:country=fr Bateaux dans le port de Fontarabie Pays Basque Espagne - Boats in Fontarabie harbor. Euskadi Spain - Picture Image Photography Photo water eau atlantique ocean atlantic La côte basque ou Euskal Kostaldea en basque désigne le littoral compris entre l'embouchure de l'Adour à Anglet (France) et Muskiz à l'ouest de Bilbao (Espagne). Elle est baignée par la mer...
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sod boat wheelbarrow tremblant
Sod transporter
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ship roro transporter stena stenaline schip hoekvanholland hookofholland 9469376
Stena Transporter
Wacht in Hoek van Holland op avondafvaart naar Immingham/Killingholme.
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